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Women Suffering From Depression Require Individualized Drug Treatment

Review on April 01, 2009

The London PMS and Menopause Center challenged the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) study that worked on the belief that "one dose" of hormone replacement would work for all menopausal symptoms.

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Women suffering from depression, for example, need a different treatment than those suffering from pelvic atrophy. Likewise, women suffering from the same symptom of depression should not receive the same dosage or pill. Treatment should be individualized for the specific patient as different combinations of different hormones are necessary for different symptoms and different age groups.

This article attempts to correct this problem by stating the variations necessary for effective treatment, mentioning the unique requirements tailored specifically for depression. The most important variant to consider when determining dosage for depression and other symptoms is age.

Women with hormone-responsive depression are often progestogen-intolerant. It is suggested that continuous estradiol treatment be supplemented with progestogen tablets for 7 days each month rather than the 14 that is currently happening. Another factor they discuss is how estrogens seem to help depression by means of removing night sweats/insomnia, vaginal atrophy and sexual disfunctions though it appears to have little effect on victims of depression who do not suffer from said symptoms.

They offer that HT gets a bad rep because it's not administered correctly. When prescribed "intelligently," HT is safe and offers significant quality-of-life benefits. Many women are suffering unnecessarily from severe hormonal disorders and being denied safe and appropriate hormone therapy. As this problem gets rectifies, there will be a decrease in the number of women suffering from depression and other menopausal symptoms.

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