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Weight Training to Increase Testosterone during Menopause

Weight Training to Increase Testosterone during Menopause

Viewed by many as a male hormone, testosterone is found in both men and women. While it plays an important role in the overall health for men, it also has an impact on women's bodies. It is well-known that the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone decrease during menopause. Testosterone in women decreases earlier in life, with a woman's testosterone level in her forties usually around half what it was when she was in her twenties.

There is no universally "normal" amount of testosterone in the female body, and levels vary from woman to woman. Low testosterone levels can result in loss of sexual desire or responsiveness, weak muscles, and mood changes. However, high testosterone levels are also associated with a medical condition called polycystic ovary syndrome and male features. Many different activities can boost a woman's testosterone level, including feeling empowered at work, having sex, and weight training.

Things to Know about Weight Training and Increased Testosterone

Many menopausal women don't consider weight training when planning an exercise routine, but it has several benefits.

Breaking from tradition

Weight Training to Increase Testosterone during Menopause

Research shows that weight training is beneficial to a woman's overall health, and more and more women are beginning to participate in weightlifting. Weightlifting can also increase testosterone levels, but this is not directly connected to the benefits that weightlifting and exercising on a regular basis produce.

Getting a toned appearance

Weight Training to Increase Testosterone during Menopause

Weightlifting can help a woman to feel good inside and out. It is often used to increase muscle strength and bone health, improve self-esteem, and help with weight loss.

Working out regularly

Weight Training to Increase Testosterone during Menopause

It is a good idea to mix resistance training like weightlifting with cardio workouts like speed walking, swimming, and Pilates. When you begin to lift weights, it can be helpful to take a class at the local gym in order to make sure you are doing everything correctly and are not increasing your risk of injury.

Decreasing osteoporosis risk

Weightlifting increases bone density and strength, which can lower a woman's risk of getting osteoporosis. Weightlifting is also good for combating other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and depression.

Cutting back on obesity

Weight training is a fun way to mix up an exercise routine or add more exercise to your daily life. This can help with weight loss or lower your risk of weight gain and obesity.

Boosting libido

By decreasing stress levels and improving overall mood, exercise such as weight training can also increase your sex drive.

More about Weight Training and Increased Testosterone

There are three main sex hormones in the human body: estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Weight training is known for improving strength and raising testosterone levels, but it can improve health in many different ways, such as aiding weight loss. Click on the following link for more information about losing weight during menopause.

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