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Dancing to Lose Weight

For many people, it is a daunting process to lose weight, especially during menopause. The most effective way is eating a healthy diet and getting at least 150 minutes of exercise every week. However, exercise can often seem like a chore. The good news, however, is that dancing is one activity that will allow you to get some physical activity while having fun and learning a new skill. Keep reading to learn more about some of the different styles that are available.

Dancing is one activity that will allow you to get some physical activity, while having fun and losing weight


This is another way to have fun with a loved one, and within the genre there are many different styles. These include the waltz, tango, and foxtrot, with the different types of ballroom dancing originate from many places across the globe. Getting moving will do wonders for the weight loss goal.

Street Dance 

Street dance is a fast form of exercise. It evolved on the street and in schoolyards, and is now an art form that can be practiced competitively. The different types of dance within this genre include hip-hop, popping, crumping, and breaking. Because of the fast nature of this dance, it is a good way to lose weight.


There are three main forms of ballet: classical, neoclassical, and contemporary. Ballet is famous for the graceful and fluid movements, and is ideal for those who do not feel that the jerky and fast-paced moves of other dance forms is for them. This dance is good for developing physical coordination, but you might not lose weight as quickly as with the speedier styles.


As opposed to other styles of dance, contemporary dance is not concerned with learning specific methods or styles. The principle idea of this dance is to use the body to explore natural energy and emotions. In this sense, it is a perfect way to tailor dancing to your own specific needs and comfort levels, and whether or not you lose weight depends more on how this dance is used.


This simple and lively type of dance is an ideal way to lose weight if you enjoy dancing with a partner. Salsa dancing is a cross between Afro-Caribbean and Latin dance styles, and is usually described as energetic, passionate, and sexy. This could be a fun way for both you and your partner to lose weight whilst having fun together. The steps are usually quite easy, so it should not be difficult to pick them up.

In order to lose weight, it is important to engage in physical exercise. Dancing is ideal because it feels like less of a chore than other possible forms of exercise, such as going to the gym. The many different types of dance available mean that it is ideal for people of any age and ability. Experiment with different styles and find out what works for you. Check out a weekly plan to lose weight.

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