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Talking to Your New Partner about Vaginal Dryness


While vaginal dryness can  occur at any age from a number of different causes, it is more common during menopause. It may seem like a minor irritation, but the lack of vaginal moisture can have a huge impact on your sex life.

It can be an intimidating and uncomfortable experience talking to a new partner about the discomfort and pain of vaginal dryness. But it doesn't have to be an uncomfortable discussion if you allow your partner to understand what you're going through.

Read on to find various approaches and methods of talking to your new partner about vaginal dryness.

Why Should I Talk To My Partner about Vaginal Dryness?

You shouldn't have to suffer in silence. Communication is the key to any relationship, but especially to one that is just beginning to blossom. Avoiding communication with a partner about vaginal dryness will only result in frustration and anxiety for you both.

Reassure Your Partner


It can be difficult to explain to your partner that sexual intercourse when dealing with vaginal dryness can be painful. Take the experience outside of the bedroom to another environment where you feel comfortable talking. Explain to your partner what vaginal dryness is, and offer solutions as to how you can get through this as a couple.

Engage in Other Stimulating Activities


Intimacy doesn't only include sexual intercourse. Finding other ways to stimulate your partner such as extended caressing, body massages, or mutual masturbation can lead to other equally sexually gratifying experiences. Making love without touching each other is sure to be a tantalizing experience. This will keep the fires of passion burning.

Being open to discussing an intimate topic like vaginal dryness with your new partner not only brings you and your partner closer together, but can help you achieve a new level of sexual satisfaction. Click on the following link to learn more information about the treatments of vaginal dryness.

3 Oils to Reduce Vaginal Dryness during Menopause

Vaginal dryness is an aggravating condition, both physically and emotionally. Vaginal dryness can be treated effectively and naturally; read on to learn which oils will lubricate, moisturize, and nourish the vagina to combat dryness during menopause.

Vaginal Dryness in Post Menopausal Women

Vaginal dryness frequently plagues postmenopausal women and can cause painful sex. Click here to learn what causes it and how it can be treated.

Home Remedies for Vaginal Dryness

Menopause has a number of symptoms, one of the most frequent of which is vaginal dryness.Vaginal dryness affects women throughout menopause.Keep reading to learn about a number of ways to treat vaginal dryness by using home remedies.

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