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Tingling in Left Arm or Hand: Should I Be Worried?

Maintaining the same position for long periods of time can alter your posture and lead to long-term health problems. It can be particularly challenging if your job requires you to sit for extended periods of time. Because of this, many people report suffering from a recurring sensation of numbness or tingling in their left arm or hand. Fortunately, the feeling is typically not a major cause for concern. Keep reading to learn more about tingling in left arm.

Tingling in Left Arm or Hand: Should I Be Worried?

Is it Heart Problems?

Even though some evidence has linked left arm numbness and tingling to the inflammation of blood vessels and the sudden onset of heart attack or stroke, the underlying cause is often far less sinister.

The truth is that from time to time, many women will experience menopause-induced tingling, numbness, or searing pain along one or both arms - all the way down to their hands, wrists, and fingers.The sensation is often accompanied by small bouts of dizziness and minor heart palpitations.

The same holds true for pregnant women, especially those experiencing normal hormonal fluctuations during the first part of their pregnancy. Still, other potential problems include vitamin deficiencies, pinched nerves, and dehydration.

Should I Be Worried?

In many cases, the tingling of the left arm and hand is triggered by nothing more than poor circulation, a lack of exercise, or prolonged, poor posture. A little bit of numbness can be expected every now and again, but it may be a cause for concern if there is no apparent reason for it, or if it is accompanied by a rash, severe pain, or frequent urination.

When to See a Doctor

It is recommended to seek out the advice of a trusted physician if numbness or tingling in the left arm persists for long periods, or if the feelings can be traced back to an injury involving a fall or another type of head, neck, and back trauma.

More severe cases - such as with slurred speech, fainting, impaired vision, and an inability to control one's bladder - are all causes for emergency medical intervention.

Tips for Relieving Tingling in Left Arm and Hand

To reverse pain and left hand tingling, improving your circulation can work wonders in just a few short minutes. Try a gentle self-massage or light exercise, such as slow arm circles and stretches. This can help to stimulate blood flow in the left arm and all throughout the body.

While patients can typically successfully reverse the symptoms of left arm tingling and numbness through the use of natural remedies, prevention is by far the greatest line of defense. Click here to learn all about how to thwart this painful and debilitating affliction long before it develops. 

How to Recognize Tingling Extremities

The effects of aging change your body both inside and outwardly. As your skin loses its elasticity, you may notice a duller color, dryness, and tingling.

Symptoms of Tingling Extremities

Although rare, menopausal women can experience tingling sensations, which can be a sign of menopause or a more serious problem. Click here to learn more.

Tingling Extremities and Numbness: Causes and Symptoms

Tingling extremities and numbness are typically caused by pinched nerves, previous injury, or lack of movement.

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