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Reducing Anxiety Levels May Relieve Dizziness

Review on March 17, 2009

Researchers have found an important connection between dizziness and anxiety problems.

The latest investigations by Tel Aviv University into dizziness have revealed that there is a link between people who suffer from anxiety, and people with balance problems.

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The research shows that if diagnosed at a young age, much can be done to cure the condition, before dizziness becomes a problem.

According to the conclusions of the Tel Aviv University study, 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety. A significant number of these 40 million people with anxiety also experience balance and dizziness problems.

Dr. Orit Bart at Tel Aviv University's School of Health Professions and her colleagues announced that this was a 'breakthrough in the field of occupational therapy'.

The study, which specifically examined the problems of dizziness and anxiety in children, involved an intensive 12-week treatment program. The therapy targeted the patients' sensory-motor skills, and their anxiety levels. Findings showed that as patients' anxiety and problems with dizziness improved, so too did their self-esteem.

Dr Bart and her team plan to expand their study to further explore these links between balance and anxiety, with the aim of finding a specific treatment. They will use a wider selection of people, with more control groups.

Even these initial findings emphasize though the need for those suffering from dizziness to tackle their anxiety and self-confidence problems.

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