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Pregnant Obese Women May Cause Irregular Periods in Daughters

Review on April 30, 2009

In an attempt to study the irregular periods of women, a team of researchers from the Research Centre in Reproductive Health at the University of Adelaide found a trend in the mothers of the women experiencing this symptom. The Australian researchers found that women born to obese mothers were more likely to suffer from irregular periods than those born to mothers of a healthy weight.

Obese pregnancy

 A concern arises as obesity is on the rise in the Western world. This may ultimately lead to an increase in fertility problems and irregular periods. Lead researcher Dr Michael Davies said, "We may reasonably expect an epidemic of menstrual and fertility diseases as a consequence." Around one fifth of adults, in Britain alone, are obese.

Five hundred and forty-four women between the ages of 30-32 with irregular periods were interviewed. Their birth weight and the weight of their mothers at the last clinical examination before giving birth was observed. The trend showed that women with irregular periods were more likely to have been large babies carried by obese mothers.

It is in the best interest of expectant mothers or women who plan on having children in the future to maintain a healthy weight. This is just one preventative method to lessen the chance of irregular periods.

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