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6 Items Night Sweat-Sufferers Can't Live Without

6 Items Night Sweat-Sufferers Can't Live Without

During the menopause transition, a woman may experience common and sometimes unpleasant symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. Night sweats and hot flashes vary for every woman, but you can alleviate some of the symptoms by incorporating certain changes into your life.

Items to Add to Your Shopping List

The following can help prevent night sweats or make them at least more bearable.


Sheets made of natural fibers

6 Items Night Sweat-Sufferers Can't Live Without

Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics that will not trap heat. Natural fibers like cotton and linen allow the skin to breathe and lessen the likelihood of a night sweat episode. Also, try layering your bed sheets so that blankets can be pulled off as your body temperature rises.


Moisture-wicking pajamas

Fabrics made of polyester such as polypropylene will wick away moisture from your body and dry quickly so that you aren't drenched in sweat. Also, try some of the specialized sleepwear that companies make specifically for menopausal women.


Herbal tea

Black cohosh

Instead of having your nightly cup of coffee or glass of wine, try sticking with herbal tea. Alcohol and caffeine only exacerbate night sweats. Tea can help you relax and fall asleep quicker. An herbal tea that contains phytoestrogens, such as black cohosh, may help raise your estrogen levels and thereby prevent night sweats.


A relaxing bedtime routine

Turning a fan on, taking a cool shower, reading a book, or journaling can help reduce the frequency and severity of night sweats. Maintaining a relaxing bedtime routine that does not include any triggers of night sweats - such as spicy food, time in a sauna, or any activity that may cause you to overheat - can help to reduce night sweats.


A water thermos

6 Items Night Sweat-Sufferers Can't Live Without

Hydration is critical for maintaining overall wellness and preventing night sweats. Having a special thermos that can keep water cool throughout the night can help reduce a night sweat if it hits during the night.


Running shoes

Regular exercise can help to reduce night sweats. Whether you run on your own or take a group exercise class like Zumba, regular exercise can help combat menopause symptoms such as night sweats. Make sure to balance your workouts with a well-rounded diet.

More Information on Night Sweats

Talk to your doctor if you have more questions about the origin of your night sweats or are interested in taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), an effective treatment for night sweats. Click on the following link to read more on the causes of night sweats.

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Top 3 Natural Treatments to Help Curb Night Sweats

During menopause, hormone levels fluctuate and can cause night sweats. These can be easier to manage by replenishing estrogen and balancing hormone levels.

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