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Mood Swings: Quiet Spaces in Public Places

Mood swings are one of the most difficult symptoms of menopause, especially when they occur in public places. First, it's important to understand that your mood swings are caused by fluctuating hormone levels in your body. For this reason, changes in mood may come on suddenly and unexpectedly.

Mood Swings: Quiet Spaces in Public Places1

When your hormones fluctuate, your mood is affected. You may find yourself lashing out at your partner, children, family, friends, or coworkers. So what should you do if you find yourself in the midst of an upsetting mood swing while in a public place? Even if you are in a crowded place, you can always find a quiet space to help you calm down during a mood swing.


Mood Swings: Quiet Spaces in Public Places2

When you're shopping, whether it's grocery store, clothing store, or a mall, the crowds and logistics can aggravate your mood swings. Trying to navigate the aisles, dealing with employees and shoppers, and waiting in long lines can all make you more irritable. If you find yourself suffering through a mood swing while shopping, escape to the nearest bathroom or parking lot to get some peace and quiet from the commotion.

If you are shopping with someone else, explain what's going on with you, and step away to enjoy a moment alone. Try to evaluate what caused the mood swing and focus on calming down.

At Work

If you feel that your mood is changing suddenly at work, you need to have a plan of action. Try to find an empty conference room or available office, step inside and take a series of deep breaths. It's important to remain calm and not let a mood swing interfere with your professional life. Finding a quiet, empty space to be alone and relax your body and mind can make a huge difference.

Out to Dinner

Mood Swings: Quiet Spaces in Public Places3

If you are out to dinner, tell the people you're with that you need some fresh air, and step outside of the restaurant for a few minutes. You can take as long as you want. Take some deep breaths, repeat a positive mantra, and try to relax. Let whatever was bothering you roll right off your shoulders, and move on with your evening.

It is important to know how to cool yourself down during a mood swing episode. Finding quiet, low-traffic spaces is an excellent strategy in overcoming these moments of emotional instability. To learn more about mood swings, causes, symptoms, and treatments, click on the link above.

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