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How Can I Maintain Friendships during Mood Swings?

When menopause begins, it's not just you who can suffer from it; your friendships may also be affected. Many long-term relationships that seemed steadfast have fallen by the wayside because of one of the more difficult menopausal symptoms: mood swings. Read on to learn how to keep your mood swings in check and your friends by your side.

Why Do Mood Swings Occur?

How Can I Maintain Friendships during Mood Swings?1

Mood swings are very common during menopause. They can be caused by hormonal fluctuations that frequently happen during this phase of life. Hormones help to control your mood, which means that when normal levels are disrupted, so is your mood. Mood swings can also be caused by other factors like stress and other menopausal symptoms. Read on to learn how to keep your mood swings under control.

Remember it's Not Their Fault

When experiencing mood swings, you can sometimes lose the power of rational thought. It may seem like the whole world is against you, which may lead you to automatically take out your anger on the people closest to you. It's this type of reaction that can wreck even the strongest of friendships. It's important to be aware of your mood swings and to take a moment to consider your emotions when you're experiencing one. Try to keep calm by remembering this is simply part of menopause and is not the fault of your friends or family.

Communication Is the Key

How Can I Maintain Friendships during Mood Swings?2

Mood swings can sudden eruptions of anger or foul-mouthed comments directed at those around you. Try talking to your friends regularly about what you're going through. They should be able to help you through this difficult time; after all, that is what they're there for. True friends will support you during times of need, and they will understand that you are only experiencing a symptom of menopause.

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