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Memory Lapses as a Menopause Symptom

Memory lapses happen to most people once in a while and can include simple things such as forgetting someone's name or blanking on your own telephone number. However, when memory lapses begin to noticeably hinder a woman's ability to perform everyday tasks, it is something that should be looked into more closely.

Causes of Memory Lapses

During menopause, memory lapses are most commonly caused by hormonal imbalance. Changes in estrogen levels can affect the regulation of cognitive functions, resulting in symptoms like memory lapses or "brain fog". Other causes of memory lapses may include:

  • The stress of daily life, overwork, and fatigue
  • Hereditary diseases that can be provoked by a chemical imbalance in the brain

What Can Be Done about Memory Lapses?

Treatments for menopause memory lapses vary depending on whether the cause is psychological or physical. Read on to find out more about memory lapse treatment options.

Psychological treatment

Memory Lapses as a Menopause Symptom

For rarer psychological conditions, treatment from a trained psychiatrist is recommended.

For memory lapses linked to fatigue, stress, or overwork, a recommended treatment plan includes more rest and relaxation to counter such effects. To this end, deep breathing exercises and yoga are helpful methods.

Physical treatment

For physical causes of memory lapses as a menopause symptom, recommended treatments include lifestyle changes and alternative therapies. These often entail dietary changes to help boost cognitive function and quitting any detrimental habits, such as smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol in excess. Lifestyle adjustments are often complemented by herbal supplements that can balance hormone levels.

In the treatment of memory lapses as a menopause symptom, most doctors recommend a combination of both physical and psychological treatment methods in order to effectively manage memory lapses.

Medical treatment

The most widely-used treatment for symptoms related to a loss of estrogen is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT works by replacing natural hormones with artificial ones in order to rebalance hormonal levels. However, this treatment method also carries the risk of severe side effects, so it should only be used as a last resort.

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