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How Will Blueberries Alleviate My Memory Lapses?

How Will Blueberries Alleviate My Memory Lapses? 1

Women who are suffering from memory lapses during menopause can often become quite concerned. Searching high and low for your glasses and then later finding them on the top of your head may seem laughable to some women, but others become extremely distressed when they begin to forget recent events, or have difficulty in recalling information. Memory lapses are, unfortunately, a common symptom of menopause and one that can cause problems, both on a social and professional level. Fortunately, there are ways to curb memory loss.

Blueberries have been associated with improved memory for quite some time. In fact, people who have blueberry rich diets are less likely to suffer from menopausal memory lapses, because of the effect they have on the body. So, why exactly is it that you should fill up on this little blue fruit?

How Will Blueberries Help Improve My Memory?

How Will Blueberries Alleviate My Memory Lapses? 2

While the exact ways blueberries affect the brain are still unknown, they do have a positive impact on learning and memory. The blueberry is a major source of flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. The antioxidants, as they are absorbed into the bloodstream, are thought to work on the nerve endings of the organisms in the body and encourage the production of cells in the brain. This action stimulates cell communication and, thereby, positively influences the regions of the brain that are connected with memory and motor function. The motor function is the part of the brain that allows a learned sequence of movements to be performed smoothly and efficiently. Enhancing this will only improve a woman's ability to remember more information.

How to Enjoy Blueberries

How Will Blueberries Alleviate My Memory Lapses? 3

Blueberries can be enjoyed as a snack or as part of a more substantial meal. Add blueberries to your yogurt or cereal in the morning, or add the taste and goodness of these berries to a savory meal. Enjoy blueberry fig sauce with tandoori chicken or add blueberry marmalade to toasted bread. Make it even more flavorful by adding goat's cheese.

More Information about Memory Lapses

Women will experience memory lapses in different ways, but whether it is a lapse that is short-lived, or a problem that persists for many years, it is bound to have a frustrating and negative effect on the sufferer. Enjoy blueberries in the summer and stock your freezers for the winter months.

Menopause Memory Lapses and Memory Loss

If memory lapses and memory loss affect a menopausal woman on a daily basis, these symptoms can severely impact upon her general health and well-being.

How to Fight Memory Loss during Postmenopause

During menopause and even postmenopause women can experience memory loss. For treatment advice check out the article.

Tips to Avoid Memory Loss during Menopause

Memory lapses affect many people, but methods exist that help improve memory. Click here for ways to strengthen your memory and improve recall.

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