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How to Handle Your Wife's Menopausal Memory Lapses

Whether you like it or not, you and your wife are getting older. You may have visited the prostate specialist while she has been seeing a gynecologist. As you get older, you will see some shifts in yourselves, as well as your relationship.

How to Handle Your Wife's Menopausal Memory Lapses

Every woman eventually goes through menopause and many will suffer uncomfortable symptoms. One of the more aggressive symptoms is menopausal memory lapses. According to a study conducted at the University of California, 60% of women going through menopause report memory problems. Below you'll find a list of ideas to help your wife.

Easy Steps to Handle Your Wife's Memory Lapses

Below are some simple tips to help cope with your wife's memory lapses, which will improve both of your lives.


Stay calm

How to Handle Your Wife's Menopausal Memory Lapses

Don't be alarmed if she has trouble with her short-term and recent memory retention. Problems in these areas are a common occurrence for menopausal women. However, if she starts forgetting routine information she has known for years and the lapses become more and more frequent, it may be time to see a doctor about the possible onset of Alzheimer's, cancer, or even a sign of stroke.


Take charge of the cooking

How to Handle Your Wife's Menopausal Memory Lapses

Not only will this alleviate some of her stress, but it will be a great opportunity for you to try new, healthy recipes. Try anything with folic acid or foods like berries, eggplant, and cabbage which are full of anthocyanin to help improve memory. Eating breakfast is an important way of waking up the brain and improving activity levels in the morning. However, those caffeinated drinks may offer a tempting quick fix for tiredness, but can cause energy levels to plummet later in the day and disrupt sleeping patterns.


Introduce a games night

How to Handle Your Wife's Menopausal Memory Lapses

Keeping the mind sharp is like nurturing any skill: if you don't use it, you lose it. So turn off the television and computer once a week and introduce a game night instead. Crossword puzzles, Scrabble, and any other games that require concentration will help stave off the lapses.


Suggest a girl's night out

How to Handle Your Wife's Menopausal Memory Lapses

Not only is it fun, spending time with friends is a great way to engage the mind and stave off depression. While she's spending time with her friends, you can either catch up with your friends or have a relaxing night in.

More Information about Memory Lapses

Menopausal memory lapses are the result of hormonal imbalances. The most low-risk option for hormone management is implementing lifestyle changes and using herbal therapies. Medications and surgery should be a last resort. Follow this link for more information about memory lapses treatments.

How to Deal with Memory Lapses at Work

Memory lapses may be easy to manage when you are alone, but less so in the workplace. Find out how to effectively deal with menopausal memory lapses.

How to Fight Memory Loss during Postmenopause

During menopause and even postmenopause women can experience memory loss. For treatment advice check out the article.

How to Distinguish Between Postmenopausal Memory Lapses & Dementia

A little forgetfulness is a common trait in people as they age, but certain symptoms may point to dementia, a much more serious condition.

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