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How to Handle Your Mother's Menopausal Memory Lapses

Your mother is changing. She is going through a period in life known as menopause. Remember how confusing puberty was? Well this is puberty in reverse, and it's weirder. Instead of growing hair in your armpits, now it's growing on your face. Forget tampons: pick up a box of underwear pads for urinary incontinence instead.

How to Handle Your Mother's Menopausal Memory Lapses1

Sometimes your mom may seem like a different person: moody, tired and irritable. It isn't entirely her fault. During menopause, the production of estrogen, a hormone that stimulates many other chemicals, is greatly reduced and some not-so-fun symptoms can appear. Side effects which could arise are problems with cognition and memory. Below you can find a list with some suggestions of how to handle your mother's memory lapses if she's experiencing this symptom.


Get Educated

If your mother is displaying signs of memory loss, chances are she will have other symptoms too. Prepare yourself for the worst. Make sure she's doing her homework, too.


Encourage Her

How to Handle Your Mother's Menopausal Memory Lapses2

Your mom has always been your biggest supporter: it's time to return the favor in her hour of need. Encourage her to explore a range of treatments, with her doctor's consent. Many middle-aged women fall into a depression because they feel they are obsolete: not your mom!


Remind Her about Your Birthday

She may need a subtle reminder for any other special dates coming up too. Don't set a trap for your mom to fall into her forgetfulness, as this could easily cause upset and increase her stress levels further. Menopause can be a difficult time for moms.


Do the Shopping Once in a While

How to Handle Your Mother's Menopausal Memory Lapses3

Put your knowledge of healthy, estrogen boosting foods to good use and go to the grocery store for your mom. Not only will she be thrilled, she will have one less thing to stress about. Stress can have a negative effect on hormone balance and a healthy mind.


Set an Example

How to Handle Your Mother's Menopausal Memory Lapses4

Exercise is more important than ever during menopause. This not only helps to maximize cognitive skills, but also helps prevent other potential complications like osteoporosis. Set a good example and take up exercise together. This could be going for regular, brisk walks with your mom or both taking a yoga or Pilates class.


Have a Play Date

An easy way to keep in top mental shape is to exercise your brain. Ask your mom to work a crossword puzzle or organize a girls-only board game night to really train your brain!


Send Her to Bed

How to Handle Your Mother's Menopausal Memory Lapses4

Sleep is an important time for your mom's brain to rest. If the brain doesn't get the rest it needs, it will not function well. If your mom has trouble sleeping, take her some chamomile tea, or warm milk which contains a sleep-inducing chemical called tryptophan.


Once you fully understand your mother's memory lapses, you can effectively treat the issue. Using an alternative medicine combined with lifestyle changes is helpful and, as always, if symptoms progress or worsen, a trip to the doctor is advised. Click the following link for more information about treatments for memory lapses.

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