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Why Does Pregnancy Cause Low Libido?

Why Does Pregnancy Cause Low Libido?1

Well, it doesn't always cause low libido, actually. While some women can't bear the thought of intimacy at certain times during pregnancy, there are scores of women who experience an increased sex drive. What's behind these seemingly arbitrary changes in sex drive? Like many other symptoms during pregnancy, fluctuating hormones are to blame for these changes.

What Is the Link Between Pregnancy and Libido?

While estrogen and progesterone play a large role in your libido, sex drive isn't purely hormonal. Your impending motherhood can spark a variety of feelings that can affect your desire for sexual intimacy. Read on to find out more about the relationship between low libido and pregnancy.


Changes in Your Body Image

Why Does Pregnancy Cause Low Libido?2

Many women become increasingly uncomfortable as they near birth from the strain of carrying a baby for almost ten months, and this can lower libido. Changes in body size can also affect your self-esteem and confidence during this time.


Concern for the Baby

Many couples worry about harming the baby during intercourse. The best thing to do is to consult your doctor and explain your worries. They will be able to provide you with advice on sexual positions that are more comfortable and safe for the baby.



Why Does Pregnancy Cause Low Libido?3

During pregnancy, your body produces up to ten times the normal amount of progesterone, and you'll experience an increase in blood flow to accommodate the extra hormones. This pregnancy hormone, in addition to preparing your body for childbirth, makes you very sleepy, and the increased blood flow will contribute to this fatigue. Especially in the first few months of pregnancy, tiredness may affect your libido as you concentrate on getting enough sleep.


Morning Sickness

A symptom women generally experience during the first trimester, nausea and vomiting can make a woman feel unattractive and uninterested in sex. Despite its traditional name, you may find that morning sickness can strike at any time of day.


Preparing for the Baby

Why Does Pregnancy Cause Low Libido?4

On top of these physical changes, your mind will be racing with thoughts of preparation for the new baby. Especially if this is your first child, baby anxieties and excitements alike can make it difficult to even think about sex, let alone have it.

More Information about Low Libido During Pregnancy

Your partner may also experience low libido during your pregnancy for similar reasons, such as emotional preoccupations and fatigue. If this is the case, it is best not to put too much pressure on yourselves and let your libido return naturally over time, even if that means after your baby is born.

Increasing Libido in Menopausal Women

Many menopausal women experience a loss of libido and look for ways for their libido to return. Click here for ways to boost libido during menopause.

Top 5 Natural Remedies for Low Libido

It can be frustrating when you don't feel that same spark for the bedroom that you once you did. Don't let menopause get in the way; try these five herbs.

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