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6 Aphrodisiacs to Recover Lost Libido during Menopause

6 Aphrodisiacs to Recover Lost Libido during Menopause

There isn't one single food that will help you boost your libido, but there are some foods that may help you get in the mood more than others. However, there isn't a single "love potion" that appears in all of these special foods. Some foods do contain nutrients and vitamins that affect sex hormones, while others may put you in the mood with their suggestive sizes and shapes. Like they say, the biggest sex organ is the brain.



6 Aphrodisiacs to Recover Lost Libido during Menopause

High school classrooms have been using bananas for years to demonstrate proper use of condoms, so it's easy to see why your brain might wander toward the male anatomy at its sight. Bananas are also a healthy fruit, rich in potassium and other essential nutrients.



Next time date night is at a cozy Italian restaurant, order a garlic-rich dish. Garlic is full of allicin, which is thought to improve blood flow throughout the body.  Garlic has also been consumed as an aphrodisiac for centuries.



6 Aphrodisiacs to Recover Lost Libido during Menopause

Perhaps the most well-known of the bunch, and with good reason. Oysters have unique amino acids that can increase increase testosterone production in men and progesterone in women, thereby increasing sexual desire. Oysters are best consumed for aphrodisiac purposes in the spring.



6 Aphrodisiacs to Recover Lost Libido during Menopause

Chocolate contains the "love compound," phenylethylamine. Chocolate can be a fun addition to foreplay if you are in to that sort of thing.



This vegetable is rich in essential nutrients. Asparagus contains beta carotene, vitamins B, C, and K, and zinc. It has been used in traditional Indian systems of medicine as an aphrodisiac.



6 Aphrodisiacs to Recover Lost Libido during Menopause

The love affair with avocados began in present-day Mexico, where the Aztecs referred to it as a "testicle tree" and the Spanish were so disgusted they outlawed it. Avocados have substance, possessing both vitamin E and potassium, two essential nutrients.


These foods can be fun to eat and good for you, but don't rely on them alone to enhance your sexual desire. Incorporating sex toys, more foreplay, talking openly with a partner, and using lubricant can all help you to get into the mood. Click on the following link for more information on treatment for loss of libido.

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