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Romantic Gestures to Help Restore Your Wife's Sex Drive

Many women find that their libido decreases during menopause as a result of hormonal changes. The best thing you can do to help is to be supportive and understanding. Instead of focusing on changes to your physical relationship with your wife, concentrate on nurturing your marriage in general.

Your wife will still appreciate romantic gestures that let her know you love and appreciate her even if her libido is diminished. Continue reading to find out some of the best ways to ensure that your wife knows that you are thinking about her.

Enjoy a date with your wife in the comfort of your own home

Tips to Help Increase Your Wife's Libido

As her husband, it is your responsibility to accept that your wife does not desire sex. Bear in mind that this is due to physical changes she is experiencing. However, by making small romantic gestures you can let your wife know that she is in your thoughts throughout the day. Take the time to show your wife you care. The little things can make all the difference, so try using some of the following tips to reassure your wife that your marriage is as strong as ever.

  • Run her a warm bubble bath. Your wife might enjoy some peace and quiet, and the chance to relax and unwind.

  • Turn your house into a restaurant. Cook your wife's favorite meal, light a candle, buy a bottle of wine, and enjoy a date with your wife from the comfort of your own home.

  • Buy her flowers. Buying your wife flowers can brighten up both the house and your wife's day.

  • Tell her how great she looks. A compliment can go a long way.Enjoy a night in together. Organize for the children to be elsewhere, rent her favorite movie, open a bottle of wine, and give your relationship some love and attention.

  • Understand. Your wife will be relieved to find out that you understand that she is going through natural changes and that you do understand why she is not feeling in the mood for sex.

More Information about Loss of Libido

A loss of libido is common during menopause, but it is usually only a temporary state. Do not get disheartened that your wife is less enthusiastic about having an intimate connection than usual. Instead be understanding and romantic, treat your wife like the individual, equal partner in your marriage that she is. For more information about why a woman's sex drive decreases in menopause, follow this link.

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