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Reasons for Low Libido

There are several reasons why women may suffer from a low libido, but the primary cause is menopause. A lack of sexual drive is common in women, but tends to be rare in men. The American Medical Association has estimated that several million U.S. women suffer from what doctors call female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD).

Understanding the reasons for a low libido is crucial in reversing its effects. Take the time to read over the following article about the reasons for low libido.

How Is Low Libido Defined?

A low libido describes a woman's loss of sexual desire.

A low libido describes a woman's loss of sexual desire. It is important to understand that low libido is not only a failure or difficulty in reaching orgasm; it is the lack of desire to engage in sexual activity.

Fortunately, lack of libido is only temporary, Most women are helped by gynecologists or other medical experts. Other women choose changes in habits and natural supplements to boost their libido.

What Are the Reasons for a Low Libido?

Reasons for a low libido can generally be broken down into two categories: psychological and physical.

  • Psychological. Symptoms of menopause - including mood swings, depression, and insomnia - can cause loss of libido. Also, stress as a result of these symptoms have a negative impact on female libido.

  • Physical. Usually, the cause of low libido is hormonal imbalance, which occurs naturally as part of the menopausal transition. This is because testosterone, the key hormone in female sex drive, drops during menopause.

What Treatments Are Available?


The hormone testosterone is often suggested as a treatment for a low libido, so many doctors have been prescribing testosterone treatments. There is clinical evidence to support the use of testosterone as a treatment for low sexual desire. In 2007, a testosterone skin patch for treating became available in the U.K. However, the use of synthetic testosterone carries several potential side effects.

Creams and lubricants

By using lubricants, you can start to put enjoyment back into your sexual relationship. It is important to use odorless and water-based vaginal products.

In spite of all the cures for low libido, if the problem is hormonal imbalance as a result of menopause, the most effective way to deal with it is to restore hormonal levels. This can be done with regular exercise, a good diet, and herbal supplements.

Top 5 Natural Remedies for Low Libido

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Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your Wife's Libido

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Life After Menopause: How to Get Your Libido Back

Everyone's libido is different, and a person's libido varies throughout their life. However, low libido can be a problem if you desire a higher sex drive.

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