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Keeping the Romance Alive: Dealing With Loss of Libido during Menopause

Many women experience low libido during menopause. This is normal and caused by hormonal imbalance in the body due to declining estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels. These symptoms of menopause often mean that sexual intercourse is a low priority for a woman. Read on to find ways to keep the romance alive and deal with loss of libido during menopause.

Awaken Your Inner You

Keeping the Romance Alive: Dealing With Loss of Libido during Menopause1

Invest in lingerie and beauty treatments, allowing a sexier you will emerge.It doesn't take leaps and bounds to reawaken your sensual side - it is present in all women. Eat well and maintain regular physical activity to keep your hormones in balance and get your endorphins moving. Treat yourself by investing in lingerie and indulging in regular massages and beauty treatments.

Talk to Your Partner

Keeping the Romance Alive: Dealing With Loss of Libido during Menopause2

Talk to your partner about your feelings and symptoms.Keeping your emotions to yourself can be a recipe for disaster. It can feel easy to keep your emotions to yourself out of embarrassment or fear. Talk to your spouse or partner about your feelings and the symptoms you've experienced. Explaining why you have a low libido through communication is the key in effectively managing your emotions. Once your partner understands the physical and emotional strains you are under, they will be better able to help you manage your feelings.


Many women are turning to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as an alternative to natural therapies to revive a libido on the decline. Viewed as one of the most common menopause treatments, HRT works indirectly to help chemically boost your libido by reducing other symptoms that can be complicating your sexual drive and energy.However, it is a treatment related to certain type of cancer.

Reinvent Your Lifestyle

Keeping the Romance Alive: Dealing With Loss of Libido during Menopause3

A diet rich in estrogen foods can have positive effects on treating loss of libido.Stirring up an old routine and reinventing yourself can go a long way to reinvigorating your libido. Change a few habits. Techniques to reduce stress (e.g. yoga, acupuncture), a diet rich in estrogenic foods such as soy, alfalfa, wheat and yams, and regular exercise can have very positive effects on treating loss of libido.

The loss of your libido doesn't mean the end of your sex life - it is only a temporary problem and there are solutions. Use one or several different approaches to treating your libido and it will come back even stronger.

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