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Improving Female Libido: Natural Help

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As women experience menopause, many report low sex-drive and seek ways to improve libido. Though many will research the benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), taking a look at natural help for improving female libido, as well as other symptoms of menopause, is a practical option as well.

Natural Help vs. Conventional Methods

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As the benefits of natural help for improving female libido increase, more and more doctors are recommending alternatives instead of  conventional methods for female libido and other symptoms of menopause. Although no single treatment is effective for everyone, most women would agree that the benefits of employing certain natural solutions for loss of libido far outweigh the risks.

Benefits of using natural help to improve female libido


Unlike conventional HRT, natural treatments for improving female libido do not contain synthetic materials. Women who choose to seek 100% of natural supplements can rest assured that they are only ingesting items grown in nature, rather than potentially harmful, laboratory-produced substances.


For women without health insurance or whose health insurance plans do not cover HRT, the cost of monthly treatment can exceed $85. Those women who do have health insurance plans that cover HRT may still be responsible for a co-payment of up to $35. These don't even cover the cost of doctor visits and blood tests. Natural treatments are often less expensive than conventional methods, with certain treatment plans, costing only about $25 per month.


With the exception of phytoestrogenic supplements - which may contain certain risks - natural help in the form of hormone-regulating supplements is a safe alternative to HRT.

Risks associated with HRT

In 2002, researchers proved that HRT does harbor a number of dangers. Therefore, women should carefully weigh the risks and benefits of available treatments for low libido and other menopause symptoms. No treatment plan is right for everyone, which is why women should discuss their expectations, medical history, and concerns with a trusted doctor. The risks associated with HRT include:

Blood vessels
  • Blood clots
  • Heart disease
  • Strokes
  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer

For women who want to feel young again, but don't want to take the risk using HRT, there are ways to improve libido and combat other menopause symptoms, safely, and naturally with helpful treatments.

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