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How to Ignite Your Libido

How to Ignite Your Libido1

Women who are going through menopause know that one of the tough aspects of the transition is loss of libido.Women who are experiencing menopause may suffer from low libido. It is important for women to understand that this life transition does not result in a loss of womanhood, and that libido can be recovered. Read on to learn about three tips to help ignite your libido during menopause.

Hormonal Reason for Your Low Libido

During menopause, women are going through menopause experience diminished production of estrogen and progesterone. The transition can be uncomfortable.However, there are several ways menopausal women can get their confidence and their libido back.

How to Boost Your Libido

Follow these tips in order to get your confidence back and overcome your loss of libido.

Treat yourself to something that fits the new you

How to Ignite Your Libido2

Hormonal fluctuations may lead to increased fat storage around the midsection,a common complaint from menopausal women. A woman may feel less attractive when her clothes begin to fit differently. Instead of letting the changes get you down, use them as an opportunity to buy clothes that highlight your best features and new body shape.

Get out and be active

Starting a regular exercise routine isn't only about weight loss. Exercise helps to increase endorphin levels that may help with depression and anxiety symptoms. It has also been linked with increasing natural testosterone levels in women. While testosterone is more commonly known as the “male hormone”, it also plays an important role in female libido and sexuality. Low-stress activities like Yoga, Pilates, or Zumba can help you get moving and bring your libido back.

Plan a special night for you and your sweetheart

How to Ignite Your Libido3

Going out for cocktails or dancing may help boost your libido.If you're in a relationship, doing something special with your partner — like having an intimate dinner or going out for a night of drinks and dancing — may help boost your libido. It's also important not to hide any issues related to your diminished libido from your partner — even if they may seem embarrassing. The pressure of hiding your feelings may be putting added stress on your life.


This article provides lifestyle changes you can make to help boost your libido. However, it does not address the root cause of the problem, which is often related to imbalanced hormone levels. You should click  to learn more about the causes of loss libido.

Life After Menopause: How to Get Your Libido Back

Everyone's libido is different, and a person's libido varies throughout their life. However, low libido can be a problem if you desire a higher sex drive.

Killing the Mood? How Birth Control Affects Libido

If you're entering menopause, you may have started taking birth control pills to ease many of the symptoms and found some unwanted side effects.

Exercises to Increase Libido

Exercise can help women increase their libido during menopause. As well as benefiting overall health, exercise can boost sex drive.

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