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How to Have a Loving Relationship and Recover Libido

How to Have a Loving Relationship and Recover Libido 1

Of the myriad of menopause symptoms women experience, one of the more frustrating symptoms is loss of libido. Even though it commonly occurs, it can negatively impact your relationship with your partner, if left ignored. Fortunately, there are ways you can maintain your loving relationship with your partner, even as your sex drive changes. Learn more about how to rekindle your relationship and help restore libido.

How Low Libido Affects a Couple

During menopause, women experience hormone fluctuations, which can leave some women losing their desire for sex. However, this does not mean that your partner feels the same way. He will still most likely be craving intimacy and attention from you. It is important to mutually care for one another's needs, even if you are currently not on the same page. The first step in bridging the gap between your needs is having open and honest communication with one another.

Keep the Connection Alive

How to Have a Loving Relationship and Recover Libido 2

Once you have engaged in open dialogue with one another, it is important to reconnect on an intimate level. This does not necessarily mean engaging in intercourse. This can be as simple as staying emotionally connected. Sharing physical intimacy in subtle ways, such as holding hands, cuddling on the couch, or embracing one another can go a long way in rekindling your relationship. Take this time to appreciate certain nuances about your partner, such as their laugh or their smile. This will go a long way in deepening your bond with one another.

Plan a Special Night

Even if you have been with your partner for many years, it is still important to spend time together as a couple. Go out on a date. It can be as simple as having a picnic in the park or plan a romantic evening out on the town. Share a nice meal together, go dancing, or see a show. It will be a great bonding experience between you and your partner and it can reignite your romance.

Think about the Positive Aspects of Sex

How to Have a Loving Relationship and Recover Libido 3

During menopause, the idea of sex may not seem appealing if you are suffering from fatigue, vaginal dryness, or hot flashes. While these feelings are certainly understandable, regularly having sex with your partner can positively impact many aspects of your health, including menopause symptom management. For example, having sex regularly can strengthen and naturally lubricate the vaginal walls, which will alleviate the discomfort of intercourse over time. This is because your body is naturally producing more estrogen. Since many symptoms are due to a decrease in estrogen production, having sex regularly can improve many different symptoms.

Even though loss of libido can affect even the greatest of marriages, it does not have to permanently strain your relationship. If you want to learn more about treatments for loss libido, click on the link below.

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