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Are There Any Medications Available for Regaining Lost Libido?

Are There Any Medications Available for Regaining Lost Libido?1

Lost libido is one of the many symptoms women may face during the menopausal transition. Decreases in estrogen levels and other hormonal changes cause women to experience many physical and emotional side effects. Though menopause is unavoidable, the symptoms it produces can be treated safely and naturally. Read on to learn more about the medications available for treating lost libido.

How to Boost Your Libido

Before taking any medicine that claims to cure low sex drive, it is important to pinpoint the real issue you are having; it may be emotional rather than hormonal or physical. For this reason, it is a good idea to talk to a professional. Once the cause of your lost libido has been established, one of the following treatments may be recommended.

Estrogen therapy

Are There Any Medications Available for Regaining Lost Libido?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) carries risk of cancer and heart complications, but some women are more prone than others. For this reason, when dealing with menopause symptoms, it is important to weigh the pros and cons to determine if HRT is worth the risk.

Testosterone cream

In some cases, a woman suffers a lost libido because of lacking testosterone levels. Testosterone cream can be applied directly to the vagina and is said to increase the intensity of orgasms.

Vitamin E

Lost libido sometimes occurs because sex has become painful. Vaginal dryness is a common occurrence among women. Taking vitamin E can help with this problem.

Arousal oil

Arousal oil has been tested and shown to produce higher instances of arousal and ability to reach orgasms in women, including those who are taking antidepressants.


Supplements have been shown to increase desire and satisfaction in women. Herbal supplements such as Macafem can help both men and women with regards to sexual desire. Macafem can also help with a range of other menopause symptoms because it regulates hormone production.

More Information

Though not life-threatening, lost libido is a disconcerting effect of the fluctuating levels of estrogen that accompany menopause. Because self-diagnosis and treatment are strongly discouraged, it is a good idea to consult your healthcare professional about the treatment options that could work for you.

Modes of treatment range from HRT to herbal supplements, but all medicine works best when paired with a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about this and other related topics, follow the links below.

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