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5 Cupboard Essentials for Menopausal Loss of Libido

Menopause can bring a number of uncomfortable symptoms, like hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, and loss of sexual libido. The hormonal fluctuations you experience during this time can cause a variety of changes in your body, including a reduction in your desire for sex.

You may feel frustrated, as you are still attracted to your partner, but your libido has gone down. Reduced desire for sex can put strain on a relationship, and it can also be confusing. It's important to know that it is a physical symptom of menopause caused by hormonal imbalance, and there are ways to improve your libido by encouraging production of hormones like testosterone and estrogen.

Foods to Increase Libido

In life our bodies need things in moderation, such as salt and fats. But, there are of course certain things we need more than others. Below is a list of five of the best foods to keep stocked in your kitchen cupboard that can boost testosterone and libido.



5 Cupboard Essentials for Menopausal Loss of Libido1

Great for vitamin E, asparagus promotes testosterone production and can help promote a healthy sex life in both men and women.



Full of vitamins, eggs help to balance hormones and reduce stress. Stress is a big part of menopause and a key reason for many of the symptoms women face.



5 Cupboard Essentials for Menopausal Loss of Libido2

A so-called “super food", avocado is top of the list for anybody and everybody to help anything from loss of libido to healthy skin. In women, the potassium found in this food helps increase libido by stimulating the thyroid gland.



Another “super food," the potassium and vitamin B in this fruit are great for testosterone production.



5 Cupboard Essentials for Menopausal Loss of Libido3

Canned tuna and salmon are a handy way to get an omega-3 boost. Although fresh fish is better than canned, this nutritious food provides B vitamins and helps keep you in good health.

But What about Oysters?

Of course, oysters are the main food people think of as possessing aphrodisiac qualities. These need to be eaten raw and immediately after purchase. They contain a high amount of zinc which raises testosterone levels, making them a great part of a libido-enhancing dinner. Clean the shells and place on ice, and they are immediately ready to serve.

More Information

As always, the list above isn't exhaustive. Other health-boosting foods that are good to keep around the house include figs, almonds, basil, celery, brown rice, and cheese. Reducing stress levels, a welcoming bedroom environment, or just a break from the normal routine are things that have also been known to increase libido.

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