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Can Berries Alleviate My Menopausal Joint Pain?

Can Berries Alleviate my Menopausal Joint Pain?

Before you grab the aspirin bottle, there's something you should know. Berries have been proven to fight the inflammation associated with joint pain more effectively than any over-the-counter drug you can pick up at the pharmacy.

Berries, like many fruits and vegetables, have antioxidants. But what makes these plump little snacks so beneficial is that they contain high concentrations of nutrients like vitamin C and other antioxidants that help calm your inflamed joints. Read on to learn the juicy details.

The Benefits of Berries



Can Berries Alleviate my Menopausal Joint Pain?

Eating a few handfuls of strawberries each week can suppress C-reative protein (CRP), which ramps up inflammation in your joints and other body parts. You usually have high levels of this protein if you're sick, you've just had surgery, or when you've got an infection. Having strawberries on a consistent basis can make these problems disappear.



Can Berries Alleviate my Menopausal Joint Pain?

Nourish your body like the pros with this dark berry. Blackberries contain loads of vitamin C. One cup of juice from blackberries will give you 250 milligrams, half of what you'd need to use it as a true anti-inflammatory agent. In fact, blackberries have often been cited as a cure for arthritic joints. Because of its potency in treating swelling, professional athletes often seek out fruits and veggies with vitamin after an intense workout. With this nutrient, it's better to go for the real thing; supplements won't be as effective as getting it from foods.



Can Berries Alleviate my Menopausal Joint Pain?

Blueberries have more antioxidants than any other berry, which makes it a great deal if you're worried about eating less. Instead of counting the calories in a berry juice or striving to eat several cups in a day, just a handful of these will help you restore ailing joints.



Can Berries Alleviate my Menopausal Joint Pain?

Though not technically a berry, the tart cherry certainly fits into the tasty, small fruits category. They are rich in anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that does the work of aspirin, only better. About 20 tart cherries will reduce pain and swelling. That's better than any pill!


Acai Berries

Can Berries Alleviate my Menopausal Joint Pain?

This fruit, which is native to Brazil and Peru, has been the subject of fad diets lately. Although most supplements that boast the benefits of acai are mostly filler, organic acai berry juice will give you all the benefits of this South American berry.

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