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4 Causes of Itchy Skin in Young Women

Itchy skin can be a nuisance and even lead to soreness and inflammation if the sufferer scratches the skin too much. This issue can happen to anybody, and young women are not immune. The possible causes of itchy skin in young women are many, and it might be obvious from the outset why it is occurring, or it might be harder to work out. Read on to discover some of the possible causes of itchy skin in young women.

4 Causes of Itchy Skin in Young Women

Skin Conditions

This is a common cause of itchy skin and in order to prevent the itching, treatment of the condition is needed. This could include medications, creams, or ointments, for example. Common skin conditions are:

  • Dry skin - this could be caused by environment, diet, or dehydration and is normally temporary
  • Eczema
  • Contact dermatitis - a condition where the skin becomes inflamed 
  • Hives - a raised, red, itchy rash that is normally caused by an allergen
  • Psoriasis - this is non-infectious and results in red, flaky, crusty patches of skin
  • Dandruff

Allergies and Skin Reactions

Itchy skin can also be a reaction to something in the environment, and the only way to find relief is to work out what the allergen is and to avoid it. Many young women suffer from itchy skin as a result of their beauty regime, lifestyle, or even their diet. A few examples of common allergens and irritants for young women are:

  • Cosmetics
  • Dyes or coatings on fabrics
  • Contact with certain plants
  • An allergy to certain foods, such as peanuts
  • Hot, humid weather conditions
  • Sunburn


There are some creatures that can cause itchy skin in young women, either temporarily or long term, and this sometimes requires treatment. For example, some bees, wasps, or spiders bite or sting when they feel threatened. Mosquito bites can also cause itchiness because of the immune system's reaction to mosquito saliva.



Certain contagious infections can be picked up from the surrounding environment, and itchy skin can ensue. One of the causes of itchy skin for young women is female thrush, a yeast infection that leads to itchiness around the genitals. Fortunately, there are a number of over-the-counter creams that are suitable for treating this problem. In addition, parasites, such as scabies or lice, are pests that can cause itchy skin, as they generally stay until measures are taken to get rid of them.

More Information

There are many causes of itchy skin in young women, and the list above is by no means exhaustive, but it gives an idea of what to look out for. Generally, treating the underlying cause is the best way to relieve itching, Click on to learn more about itchy skin treatments.

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