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Why Am I So Sad and Angry? Why Am I So Sad and Angry? Do you find that you are feeling sad and angry more often? It could be that you are transitioning into menopause. Read on to find out more.
Top 5 Foods to Prevent Irritability Top 5 Foods to Prevent Irritability Menopausal irritability can become chronic because of a combination of hormonal imbalance. Certain foods can give the nutrients you need.
How Sleep Affects Irritability How Sleep Affects Irritability Late nights at the office, a new baby in the family, hot flashes at all hours: there is a myriad of reasons why people don't get all the sleep they need.
Can Chocolate Cure Irritability? Can Chocolate Cure Irritability? Chocolate has many possible health benefits,such as the ability to boost mood and reduce irritability. Keep reading to learn the truth behind this claim.

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