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Surviving Your Irregular Periods at the Beach

During menopause, you may experience any number of irritating symptoms, including irregular periods. The nature of irregular periods means that they are unpredictable, which is why it is important to be prepared when you're out and about. Read on for tips on how to get through an irregular period at the beach.

Surviving Your Irregular Periods at the Beach

Carry a Supply Kit

When you're experiencing irregular periods, it's important to always have the necessary items on hand. Period kits are your number one tool for fighting irregular periods. They should contain everything you need should you start your period unexpectedly. The kit can include a change of clothes -- especially underwear -- wet wipes, tampons, and pads.


Pick Your Clothes Carefully

As with everyday clothing, wearing dark colored swimwear can help hide any spots that may appear. Some bathing suit styles have fringe or other decoration that helps to mask otherwise noticeable stains. Wearing a black beach dress can add an extra layer of protection, and carrying extra towels is always a good idea.


Avoid Seaside Delicacies

The beach is famous for its delicacies: indulgences like fish, ice cream, and sandy burgers. These foods may sound delicious and seem like the perfect seaside snack, but it is better to avoid these fatty and unhealthy items. Instead, try packing your lunch, and make sure it contains foods that are high in vitamins and minerals. Irregular periods during menopause are caused by hormonal imbalances in your body, and by eating healthy, you can work to restore hormonal balance.


Stay Close to the Sea

Enjoy your time at the beach. In addition, being close to the waves means you are more likely to go swimming - a great exercise that can also help balance hormone levels.While there are many strategies to address irregular periods if they happen at the beach, prevention is the best method. There are many ways for women in menopause to regain hormonal imbalance and peace of mind. Click on the following link to read more about treatments for irregular periods.

Q&A: I Have Irregular Periods, What Should I Do?

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Can Irregular Periods Lead to Hair Loss?

Irregular periods do not lead to hair loss, but they can be indicative of other conditions that are related to hair loss. Find out more here.

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