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Irregular Periods: a Survival Guide

Like most menopause symptoms, irregular periods can be difficult to manage. Their occurrence can become hard to predict, the flow may change, and you may experience spotting. Moreover, irregular periods can be difficult and embarrassing to talk about. Luckily, there are ways to cope. Keep reading to find out how you can survive your irregular periods.

Talk about Them

Irregular Periods: a Survival Guide 1

Consulting a friend or medical professional can help you better understand your menopause symptoms. Irregular periods are very common during this transition. In fact, only 10% of women reach menopause without experiencing an irregular period.

Carry Supplies with You

Irregular Periods: a Survival Guide 2

Since irregular periods can be so unpredictable, it is a good idea to be prepared. Keep a small kit in your purse in case your period starts or you experience spotting. You may want to include tampons, panty liners, sanitary towels, and some pain relievers. Being prepared can ease the stress often associated with irregular periods.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Lose or Gain Weight

There are factors, other than menopause, that may be affecting the irregularity of your periods. To help regulate your periods, it is important that you maintain a healthy and consistent weight. Women who experience either weight loss or weight gain are more susceptible to having irregular periods. In addition, women with minimal body fat are more prone to irregular periods than a woman with a healthy amount of body fat. Conversely, overweight women who are overweight or obese also tend to miss periods.

Improved Diet

Irregular Periods: a Survival Guide 3

A well-balanced diet will not only benefit your overall health, but it alleviate other menopausal symptoms and help regulate your periods. Avoid consuming foods and beverages that are high in saturated fat, salt, caffeine, and alcohol.

There are many other ways to cope with this uncomfortable symptom. Click on the following link to learn more about the main causes of irregular periods.

Periods Every Two Weeks or Two Periods in One Month

When a woman's period deviates from a fairly regular cycle, her periods are said to be irregular. Women can experience a period every two weeks instead of every month. Click here to read what can cause two periods in a month and how it can be treated.

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Long Menstrual Cycles

Long menstrual cycles can be frustrating, and are commonly experienced by women going through menopause. Click here to learn more.

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