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How to Dress for Hot Flashes

There is not one easy solution or easy tip when it comes to getting dressed that can make menopausal hot flashes stop. However, it is important to dress in a way that does not trigger or aggravate the symptom. Keep reading to learn how to dress for hot flashes and incorporate these cooling clothes into your own personal style and preferences.

How to Dress for Hot Flashes

Layers, Always Layers

During the wintertime when you try to stay warm, scarfs, cardigans, pullovers, blazers, and similar clothing are good options as layers for hot flash episodes. In the summer, switch to wearing breathable layers. No matter the season, layers allow you to maintain the proper body temperature, allow you to express your own personal style, and are still appropriate if you need to follow a dress code for a job.

Cooling Accessories

Without a doubt, resources for menopause continue to be innovated. So, look into specialty menopause products for extra relief. For example, necklaces exist that can be frozen and retain coolness throughout the day while being worn. Another example would be cooling bandanas. These and more can help a woman stay fresh while out and about.

Loose Clothing

Loose fashion is some of the best clothes for hot flashes. Flowing skirts, slack tops, and gaucho pants can all help you to keep cool. Looser fitting clothes are also less likely to show sweat if you suddenly suffer from a hot flash. Keep in mind that tight-fitting, non-breathable outfits can make episodes worse. So, learn how to arm your wardrobe to your advantage.

The Right Fabrics

Make sure to wear fabrics that are breathable and allow air to flow in and out. Although praised for generally being a friendlier option, it is actually best to avoid cotton as it stays soaked through with sweat for longer. It is better to look for moisture-wicking fabrics, which draw dampness away from your body for optimized coolness.

You can also try wearing lighter, breathable clothing meant for exercising to bed if you are experiencing night sweats, where are nocturnal hot flashes, that are disturbing your sleep. Take these same considerations into account when searching for the best bed sheets for night sweats as well.

Key Takeaways

Learning how to dress for hot flashes can keep you cool no matter the season when episodes flare up. Remember to layer loose clothing made from the right, moisture-wicking fabrics. Also, throw in some trendy accessories for the final touch.

However, if your hot flashes are lowering your quality of life or disrupting your day-to-day living, it is a good idea to see your doctor and finally treat the underlying cause of hormonal imbalance. Find out more about the many different treatments for hot flashes to find ultimate relief once and for all.

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