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How to Deal with Your Wife's Hot Flashes during Menopause

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It is difficult to cope with menopausal hot flashes.Marriage is all about two.You're getting older and your wife have got into menopause.You love her, but sometimes it is difficult to cope with all the hormonal fluctuations that she is going through during menopause.There is no book with all the answers, but learning how to deal with your wife's hot flashes during menopause is possible.

Step 1: Accept Menopause

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Accept menopause as a major event in a woman's life.The first step to resolving any issues is to accept that it is happening. Menopause is a transition in a woman's life, but not always a pleasant one.

Step 2: Understand Hot Flashes

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In order for you to help your wife, you have to understand what she is going through. Knowledge is power — the power to make informed decisions. It is important that both of you understand hot flashes during menopause to find a solution.Hot flashes are a sudden intense heat sensation that affects the whole body affecting the vascular functions. The duration, severity, and frequency of the problem differ from woman to woman, but it usually affects around 85% of the female population during menopause.

Step 3: Manage Hot Flashes

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Once you understand it, you can treat hot flashes. There are many triggers like: warm environments,stress, hot and spicy food, coffee, smoking,excessive alcohol consumption, and high blood sugar levels. By planning a diet rich in vitamins and fruits alongside an exercise plan you can keep your body healthy and without hot flashes.

Step 4: Encourage Her to Change Bad Habits

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Encourage her to make changes to her diet, suggest changing potato chips for an apple, and to take the stairs instead of elevator.

Step 5: Continue Showing Affection

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Make time for both of you.Don't let a low sex drive and lack of attention affect your relationship. Instead, be positive, talk to her,take time out for a relaxing evening together.

More Information

Menopause is a natural stage of life. Try to be informed and supportive,and together you will solve this issue.There is more that you can read about hot flashes.

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