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Best Foods for Hot Flashes

Many menopausal hot flashes are caused by low estrogen levels. Low estrogen levels can have adverse affects on your body including hot flashes. One way to remedy this is by eating foods rich in phytoestrogens.

Eating foods rich in phytoestrogens can alleviate with hot flashes.


Here are a few breakfast ideas to help you start off the day on the right foot. Substitute and change parts of the meal to better accommodate your lifestyle.


Multigrain toast with soy yogurt

Each of these is full of phytoestrogens and will keep you full and alert all morning. Try different flavors of soy yogurt to add variety and spread a tablespoon of peanut butter on your toast for a little extra protein.


Dried apricots, dried dates and flax bread

A nice mix of sweet dried fruits with hearty flax bread makes a delicious breakfast and will keep you going all day. Spread a little almond butter on your toast for an extra kick of phytoestrogens.


These lunches will be great to bring to the office on your busy days and will keep you full until dinnertime.


Turkey sandwich with hummus on flax bread

Try toasting the bread before making your sandwich to add a little crunch, then liberally slather on some roasted red pepper hummus and pile on the turkey and other fresh veggies you love.


There are a number of options for healthy snacking during the day as well.


Hummus and pita chips

Pick out your favorite hummus and enjoy a healthy, phytoestrogen rich snack while at work or in between meals.


Sunflower seeds

Readily available and full of phytoestrogens, these little seeds make a perfect on-the-go snack. Keep a small bag in your purse to have a healthy snack on hand at all times.


The most important meal of the day, here's some options to help you get some ideas.


Multigrain pasta with garlic tomato sauce

Multigrain anything is a great source of phytoestrogen. Multigrain pasta, along with some fresh tomatoes and garlic, known sources of phytoestrogens, makes for a delicious dinner. Make some multigrain garlic bread to go alongside to complete the meal.

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