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Hormonal Headaches or Migraines Hormonal Headaches or Migraines Headaches are a very common complaint among women, particularly due to the hormonal changes throughout her reproductive life. It is widely accepted that hormonal fluctuations such as during menopause, can cause headaches or migraines in many women.
Cluster Headaches FAQs Cluster Headaches FAQs Cluster headaches are a very difficult condition that can cause a lot of pain. Sadly they can be hard to treat, and might last for several hours.Cluster headaches are extremely severe headaches that affect just one side of the head - with pain frequently reaching to around the eye.
All about Magnesium for Migraines All about Magnesium for Migraines Over twice as many women as men suffer from headaches and migraines, due to the fluctuations of female reproductive hormones.If you experience migraines on a regular basis, it is possible that an increase of magnesium in your diet could make all the difference.
Managing Menopausal Headaches Managing Menopausal Headaches Drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, and trying herbal remedies are beneficial ways of managing menopausal headaches.
Top 8 Treatments for Migraines Top 8 Treatments for Migraines Taking medication, going outside for some fresh air, and trying herbal remedies are helpful treatments for relieving migraine symptoms.
8 Common Causes of Headaches 8 Common Causes of Headaches Headaches are complex, and for many women, a variety of factors can contribute to them. Learn more about the most common triggers here.
Foods and Headaches: The Link Foods and Headaches: The Link Types of headaches are tension headaches and migraines. Headaches are caused by hormone fluctuations, but certain foods can also trigger them.
What Causes Tension Headaches? What Causes Tension Headaches? If you don't know what is causing your headaches and want to figure out how to stop to the constant pain then read our article to find out more.
Managing Chronic Daily Headaches Managing Chronic Daily Headaches Chronic daily headaches are defined as recurrent headaches that occur at least 15 days per month. Things like drinking water, exercising regularly, and a h
4 Types of Headaches 4 Types of Headaches Headaches have different causes and can range from mild to severe with pain in different areas. Click here to read about how to treat headaches.
Can I Stop Menopausal Headaches? Can I Stop Menopausal Headaches? Menopausal headaches are primarily caused by hormone fluctuations and can range from mild to severe. Click here to learn some ways to relieve them.
Understanding Menopausal Headaches Understanding Menopausal Headaches Menopausal headaches affect up to 30% of women transitioning into menopause. This article discusses the common causes, symptoms, and treatment options of m
How to Deal with Daily Headaches How to Deal with Daily Headaches Menopause is a time when women can experience painful and chronic headaches. Here is a list of lifestyle changes to combat and prevent them.
Causes of Headaches in Menopausal Women Causes of Headaches in Menopausal Women Approaching menopause makes a woman more susceptible to headaches. Read on to find out why this happens and what kind of headaches you may experience in th
What Causes Severe Headaches? What Causes Severe Headaches? Keep reading to discover the many causes of severe headaches, including dietary triggers, environmental influences, hormonal causes, and more.
How to Avoid Headaches and Tiredness How to Avoid Headaches and Tiredness Headaches may occur when you've not had enough sleep; read on to understand more about headaches caused by tiredness and learn ways of getting a good night
Headaches during Perimenopause Headaches during Perimenopause Many women going through menopause report having headaches. Read over the following information about headaches during menopause.
Menstrual Headaches Menstrual Headaches Menstrual headaches are one of the more common and bothersome symptoms women suffer during menopause.Learn more about treatment here.
Treating Menopausal Migraines Treating Menopausal Migraines Having a normal lifestyle can be nearly impossible when you're suffering from intense migraine headaches. Click here to learn more.
Headache Remedies Headache Remedies Headaches and migraines are often caused by changes in estrogen levels related to the menstrual cycle and menopause.
How to Prevent Menopausal Headaches How to Prevent Menopausal Headaches Menopausal headaches, like other symptoms of menopause, have a tendency of striking at the most inappropriate moments. Click here to learn more
Menopause and Migraine Headaches Menopause and Migraine Headaches A common symptom of menopause is increased severity and frequency of headaches and often debilitating migraines. Learn more here.
5 Headache Triggers during Menopause 5 Headache Triggers during Menopause Like many of the symptoms of menopause you may experience, an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone is often to blame for those awful headaches. However..

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Migraine Sufferers Find Relief with acupuncture New research says that acupuncture can give effective relief from migraine headaches. Acupuncture is an ancient, traditional Chinese form of medicine that involves the insertion of fine needles into the skin at strategic points on the body