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How to Choose the Best Hair Accessory for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural part of aging, and can also be experienced as a result of some medical conditions and treatments. Female pattern hair loss is characterized by the reduction in hair density over the crown and frontal scalp. There are several hair accessories that effectively cover up hair loss and can help you express yourself and feel more confident.

Hats are an excellent accessory for concealing hair loss


Although experimenting with hats can be challenging and feel like something outside of your comfort zone, many women have fun wearing different hats or find one that suits them and their personality perfectly. They also offer protection from the elements and reduce UV exposure, especially wide brim sun hats for summer or wool knits for winter.


Head scarves or bandanas have been a popular hair style choice for many groups of people historically, and lately have become more mainstream. Head scarves can be fun and empowering. Think of Rosie the Riveter and her red head scarf! It is recommended to wear a flat, textured headband underneath a head scarf to help keep hair in place.

Wide Headbands

Wide headbands are great hair accessories for thinning and patchy hair on the crown and sides of the head. Headbands can be fun and bright, or neutrally colored and demure for a more sophisticated look.

Head Wraps

Head wraps can be used for more casual everyday wear, or more attention-grabbing head wraps can be worn for special occasions. Head wraps come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, so you can make the style your own.


For many women, wigs are the answer. If you are experiencing severe hair loss and need full coverage, wigs are a good option. Modern wigs look very real and come in all styles, colors, and lengths. Wigs are formed on an open-weave mesh that allows for ventilation. They're fitted with adjustable tapes along the temple, or with elastic around the ears. You can buy wigs at specialty shops or online.

Hair loss can be disheartening and significantly affect how a woman sees herself. Depending on the cause, there may or may not be ways to prevent hair loss, and hair may or may not grow back. There is a variety of hair accessories that can cover up hair loss and help a woman to express herself. There are also support groups, both online and in person, that a woman can join and meet other woman who have similar experiences to her.

Hair Loss during Perimenopause

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Hair Loss or Hair Thinning in Women

Hair loss or hair thinning commonly occurs during menopause. Hair loss can have several different causes, and different treatments are available.

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