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Gum Infection Treatments Gum Infection Treatments Learn all about gum infection treatments, from lifestyle changes and home remedies to dental medications, procedures, and much more.
5 Symptoms of Infected Gums 5 Symptoms of Infected Gums Gum infections manifest as sensitive or loose teeth, inflammation, persistent bad breath, and more. Discover five telltale gum infection symptoms here.
Swollen Gums: Causes and Remedies Swollen Gums: Causes and Remedies Most women will experience swollen gums at some point during their life, as the skin in this area of the body is particularly thin and therefore susceptible to inflammation and infections.Find out about some of the common causes and treatments.
Severe Gingivitis & Gum Pain Severe Gingivitis & Gum Pain Some gum infections can develop into severe gingivitis. This can be a painful condition that causes sensitive gums and bleeding.
5 Foods to Soothe Gum Pain 5 Foods to Soothe Gum Pain Gum pain can be a frustrating and painful condition. Fortunately, there are foods you can eat in order to soothe pain until you are able to see a dentist.

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