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Low Impact Activities to Help with Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of menopause. It refers to the ongoing feeling of weakness, drowsiness, and lowered energy levels. Fatigue in menopausal women is typically caused by hormonal fluctuations - primarily a drop in estrogen and progesterone levels - as well as being a side effect of other menopause symptoms.

In addition to hormonal causes of fatigue, there are several causes, including menopause, chronic fatigue syndrome,and stress. Nonetheless, there are several ways to combat fatigue. This article features low impact activities that help with fatigue.Low impact activities to help with fatigue.

Low impact activities to help with fatigue


This is an easy form of exercise that is great for those who are first starting out an exercise routine. You can regulate how fast or slow you are comfortable walking, and can choose to start hiking hills once you build up endurance. Walking is easy on knees and joints, as well as breasts compared to jogging. It is most beneficial to walk at least 30 minutes at a moderate to brisk pace.



Cycling is another great low impact activity that allows you to get outside and work out your legs without putting too much strain on your knees. Be sure to wear a helmet and use bike trails and lanes whenever possible.



Swimming is a great aerobic exercise that is an effective calorie burner and has a low impact on your joints. Swimming is great for your heart and lungs, and also helps tone muscles and boost energy. Swimming is a fun exercise as well because you can switch up the different styles of swimming to keep it interesting.



Yoga is an excellent low impact activity that helps reduce stress, improve flexibility, and fight fatigue. There are yoga classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Yoga involves lots of stretching and gradual strengthening of the muscles.



This Latin-inspired dance class is a fun take on cardio workouts. Zumba involves lots of movements set to fun, upbeat music. There are all levels of Zumba classes, and this is a fun activity to do with friends.


 Rowing Machine

This is one of the most underused machines in the gym, but it is one of the most beneficial. Rowing is an excellent cardio workout that involves all of the muscle groups: legs, back, arms, and core. You can regulate how fast you want to go and at what intensity.

It is always important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle no matter what your age. It is especially important to maintain a balanced lifestyle when approaching menopause in order to help prevent fatigue and other troublesome menopausal symptoms. Getting regular exercise is an excellent way to prevent fatigue by reducing stress and boosting energy levels. Walking, rowing, and cycling are several low impact workouts that are highly effective in helping with fatigue.

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