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Essential Oils Shown to Minimize Irritability

Review on May 04, 2009

The sense of smell is more powerful than some initially give it credit for. Linked to memories and the heightening of other sensations such as touch and taste, smells can sharply influence mood. For the multitudes of men and women suffering from mood issues such as irritability, the use of essential oils can be a boon and a mood lift.

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Researchers have shown that certain smells contained in essential oils are especially beneficial in the fight against irritability. One that has been proven effective in research studies is lavender oil, as doctors at the St. Louis University of Medicine have discovered. If irritability sets in, it's recommended to place three or four drops of this lavender oil on a handkerchief, place over the nose and mouth, and breathe deeply. Because lavender contains chemical compounds known as esters that act as natural sedatives and antidepressants, its oil when breathed in has a profound anti-irritability effect. Lavender also helps to calm the nervous system.

Another scent that has been shown through research to help combat the fearsome specter of irritability is mandarin oil. Bearing a fruity citrus smell, it helps fight sluggishness. Aside from giving energy and warding off irritability, it also may help stress, acne, and sleep disorders. Many of these problems go hand in hand along with puberty, menopause, or other hormonally induced time periods of stress.

To obtain benefits from these powerful essential oils, soothing the nervous system and fighting irritability, there are numerous means of administering them. One could purchase scented candles, receive a massage that utilizes these scents, pour a few drops into a running bath, or diffuse the oils and mist the bedroom with them. This helps aid sleep, which can lead to a decreased of insomnia-induced daytime irritability.

The sense of smell has a powerful enough effect on mood that it is worthwhile enough to investigate the possibilities of aromatherapy and essential oils. This may put a stop to hormonal irritability, and is worth a try if other measures have proven ineffective.

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