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4 Types of Stretching to Protect Legs from Electric Shocks

Electric shock sensation can be made more difficult to cope with because they can be both unpredictable and spontaneous. However, there are some stretches you can do to prevent electric shock sensation from happening in the first place. Read on for directions on how to do four stretches ideal for fighting electric shocks in the legs. If your electric shocks are persistent it is also a good idea to see a doctor, because electric shock is often caused by an underlying condition.

4 types of stretching to protect legs from electric shocks.

Hip Flexors

Hip flexors release tension in the front of the thighs and as the name suggests, open up the hips. This provides increased blood circulation that may be lost from extended periods of sitting.To practice, lean forward onto one leg, and keep the other straight behind in a slight lunge. Press hips forward until you can feel a stretch down the front of the thigh. Hold for 10 seconds, and repeat on the other side.


Heel Drop

This simple stretch focuses on improving blood flow through the calves, ankles, and back up to toward the rest of the body. It also helps to strengthen the Achilles tendon, which can reduce the risk of injury.The heel drop is most easily performed against a stair, post, or wall, but most stable, vertical surfaces will work. Stand facing the wall or vertical surface, place your foot so it is almost parallel to the surface, and put pressure on your foot until you can feel the stretch and then hold it for a few seconds.


Downward-Facing Dog

Perhaps the best-known yoga pose of them all, this full-body stretch can also be effective in preventing electric shocks on the legs, and it not difficult to learn. Yoga in general is recommended for those who have frequent electric shock feelings, because it is calming, stretches and tones the body, and helps promote deep breathing when done properly.It is easiest to start on the hands and knees, keeping your knees directly under your hips. From there, bring your hands straight forward, and exhale while lifting the knees upwards to create an inverted-V shape with the body. Maintain a straight back and try to straighten the legs as far as possible without forcing it. Hold for 10 seconds.


Viparita Karani

Not all stretches that fight electric shocks on the legs have to be strenuous, and this yoga position is an example of that. It is commonly used to combat exhaustion as well as for stress relief.

Lie down on your back, and then lift your legs up against a wall to create a right angle with the body. It is important to keep legs straight and not to let them hang, which may injure the knees. Stay in this position, breathing deeply, for at least 10 minutes. Get up slowly upon deciding to rise.

In addition to a regular aerobic exercise routine, the stretches listed above can have wondrous efficacy decreasing the number of electric shocks on the legs. Find out the truth of it for yourself by trying them out today, and you'll be moving your way toward permanent relief in no time.

Electric Shock Feeling in Head and Body

If you suffer from electric shocks in the head and body, understanding the possible causes of this condition is the first step towards finding relief.

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