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7 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Concentration Skills during Menopause

Menopause can be a stressful and uncomfortable time for many women. Hormonal imbalances during menopause may make you burn with fever one minute, and cause streaming tears the next. Unfortunately this is because there are many side effects that come with this stage of life which are suffered by lots of women. Most of these symptoms are caused by a hormone imbalance. One particular symptom which can affect women on a daily basis is difficulty concentrating. Read on to discover more.


Estrogen is a hormone which controls many other hormones in the body. It has the responsibility of bossing around the neurotransmitters (acetylcholine, serotonin,and norepinephrine) which regulate cognition. If your body doesn't produce enough estrogen, these signals will weaken, which may result in difficulty concentrating.

In order to combat your menopausal symptoms it is important to find hormonal harmony. Below you will find a list of suggestions to help you strike a balance and regain your ability to concentrate.




Stretching and posing paired with breathing awareness is a great way to center yourself and help you focus. Try 40 minutes of practice followed by 20 minutes of meditation a few times each week.


Healthy Diet

Diet has a controlling factor over hormone levels, as well as influencing general health and well-being. A diet full of vitamins, minerals, and low in fats is highly recommended during menopause. Many women find that eating estrogen-rich foods, such soy, is also helpful in easing menopausal symptoms.


Get a Hobby


Taking up a relaxing hobby, like knitting or painting, can help you focus on something and leave you with a sense of accomplishment.


Banish Stress

Stress not only disrupts hormone levels, it can also distract you from the things you need to be think about.


Avoid Drugs

When you feel frustrated, pouring yourself a glass of wine, or heading to a bar may seem like tempting options. However, alcohol and recreational drugs have proved to only make concentrating more difficult.


Cardiovascular Exercise

Necessary for a healthy heart, cardio exercises, such as running or a session at your gym, can also help relieve stress.




Focusing your mind is important for improving mental ability and aiding concentration. A number of "brain training" books and computer games are widely available for this purpose. Alternatively, try keeping a journal to record your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.

For More Information

Women suffering from severe concentration or memory problems should talk to their doctors. It may be that reasons other than a menopausal hormonal imbalance are causing the problem, and it is important that symptoms are discussed fully. Alternative medicines are still a viable option and should be considered before more invasive treatments, like drugs or surgery.

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