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Does Depression Cause Loss of Libido?

Does Depression Cause Loss of Libido?

A significant loss of libido can cause many problems. It can be a difficult symptom to live with, since it can cause relationship tension with your partner. Impacting over half of menopausal women, a loss of libido is often linked with depression, and what comes first is often debated. Whichever comes first, both symptoms need to be managed. Read on for more information.

Causes of Loss of Libido

As with most of the signs and symptoms of menopause, a loss of libido is due to the decrease in hormone production, such as testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. While testosterone is the hormone that most heavily influences your sex drive, keeping all three of these hormones balanced is crucial for your overall health and well-being. There are many causes for a loss of libido, which as often separated into three separate categories: physical, psychological and relational causes, with psychological factors being the most common.

The Link between Loss of Libido and Depression

Does Depression Cause Loss of Libido?

Loss of libido and depression typically go hand in hand, since hormonal fluctuations affect both. Depression is often a domino effect of anxiety, stress, and self-image issues. While depression can cause loss of libido, loss of libido can increase depression, perpetuating a vicious cycle.

How Do You Treat Depression and Loss of Libido?

When women are suffering from a loss of libido and depression, there are plenty of treatment options to address these issues, including:


Seeing a therapist can be a very useful starting point, since a trained professional can help you find the underlying causes behind your lack of libido, as well as your depression, and recommend appropriate treatment options for your individual needs.

Does Depression Cause Loss of Libido?

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Some women find help overcoming their depression through cognitive behavioral therapy.

Other things to consider would be your lifestyle and natural supplements.

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