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4 Herbs to Alleviate Depression during Menopause


There are many viable ways of treating the signs and symptoms that accompany menopause. Food, exercise and implementing other lifestyle changes during menopause are important and can have a significant impact on depression but there are also alternative treatments that all women can try when trying to overcome the condition. Understanding what to do is half the battle when dealing with menopause during depression. Read on to find out some of the best herbs available for alleviating depression during menopause.


Gotu Kola


Native to many countries in Asia and Australasia, Gotu Kola also goes by the name centella asiatica and has been used as a medicinal herbs for thousands of years. It has a number of benefits including the facility to help improve a person's mental state. Because of its ability to aid concentration and support the minds functioning, it is often used as a herb to alleviate depression during menopause.




A perennial and fragrant herb, rosemary is originally a Mediterranean product. This can be included as part of a meal, and is easy to introduce and enjoy in your daily routine. It has been known to help mild or moderate depression whilst improving general well-being.


Ginkgo Biloba


The gingko tree is unique in its composition and character, and has a long history of use for both medicinal and food purposes. Originally from China, Ginkgo aids alertness and improves memory, meaning the herb lends itself well to the treatment of depressions many symptoms.



Native to Russia and Northern China, the schisandra is a hardy wood vine climber. In China, its name "schisandra chinensis" literally means five berries. It is commonly used as a tea, and is thought to aid mental strength and reduce irritability. It is because of these uses that people suffering from depression partake in the tea.

Further Information on Herbs to Alleviate Depression during Menopause

Using herbs to alleviate depression during menopause is yet another option in the fight against hormonal fluctuations and its consequences. Menopause is a natural stage of life, and one which all women will inevitably experience. By understanding the signs and symptoms of depression you will be better prepared for preventing, treating, or alleviating any issues.

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