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3 Unexpected Causes of Breast Pain

Breast pain can be very distressing and affects around two thirds of all women at some point during their lives. The pain can be anything from a mild tenderness to incredibly severe pain the can affect the ability to perform daily tasks. There are many causes of breast pain, some of the most well-known being hormonal imbalances, genetics, and a poor diet. However, there are some more unexpected causes of breast pain that that should be noted, as they can help sufferers seek appropriate treatment options. Read on to find out some of these causes.

3 Unexpected Causes of Breast Pain

Certain Medications

There are certain medications that have been linked to a higher chance of developing breast pain. The most common ones are birth control pills and cardiovascular and psychiatric medications. Coming off the medication normally results in subsidence of the pain, so it is essential to talk to your doctor about possible alternatives if you are taking any of these medications and feel you might be suffering from breast pain as a result.


Fibrocystic Breast Tissue

Cysts are benign lumps that grow in the breast tissue and can sometimes be the source of discomfort. This can often be distressing because a woman might feel the lump and assume it to be a symptom of a serious disease. Although fibrocystic breast tissue is harmless and not a cause for concern, it is always best to get unusual lumps checked by a doctor in order to ensure it is benign. The cysts can sometimes cause pain because they fill with fluid and put pressure on delicate parts of the breast. Even if they are painless on their own, a change in size can be one of the triggers of breast pain.


Sedentary Lifestyle

It is not often associated with breast pain, but lack of exercise is a major contributor. The reason that a lack of movement is one of the causes of breast pain is that physical activity helps stabilize blood sugar and hormone levels, imbalances of which have been shown to be linked to breast discomfort. This is more often seen in older women, as lives naturally become more sedentary. The good news is that this cause is easily remedied. It is important to ensure you wear a well-fitting sports bra whenever you exercise.

The list of possible causes of breast pain is incredibly long, and some women might be surprised to learn the kinds of things that can contribute to breast pain, especially during menopause. This article is not a complete list, but it brings to light some of the possible contributors that are not commonly associated with breast pain and can be quite unexpected.

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