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Top 6 Exercises to Relieve Bloating

Women in particular report experiencing constant abdominal bloating, a condition which can cause great frustration and distress. However, bloating is not something that has to be just accepted, there are things you can do to gain relief. One of these is implementing a regular exercise routine, specifically designed to tackle a bloated stomach and to help food and wind move along properly. Continue reading to discover six of the best exercises for relief.


Energy Push

Place your arms straight out in front of you and keep your feet hip distance apart. Pointing your fingers towards your chest, pull your hands back towards you, and then rotate your palms back around and push out towards your original position. Repeat this motion 100 times to find relief from bloating.



Cardio exercises are essential in the fight against abdominal bloating because they help gas to pass through the digestive system. Just 10 minutes of cardio exercise each day can make all the difference. Some of the best cardio exercises to try include swimming, jogging, and cycling.


Sit ups

The classic sit up has long been a vital exercise in the quest to banish bloating. Lie down with your legs bent, and then pull yourself up into the sitting position, and repeat three sets of 12 reps, increasing the amount you do as your muscles begin to strengthen and adapt.



Similar to the sit up, crunches work to exercise your abdominal muscles. However, instead of keeping your legs on the floor, raise them, placing your feet on the edge of a seat. Then use your stomach muscles to pull your torso up to meet your thighs.


Seat Twist

Begin by sitting on the floor and extending your legs. Then cross your left leg over you right, keeping your left foot flat next to your right knee. Next bring your right heel up to your left hip and put your left hand on the floor by your left hip. As you inhale wrap your right arm around your left and twist your torso to the left. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then repeat the action on the other side.


Shoulder Stand

Lie facing upwards and press your palms into the ground as you exhale and push your legs up towards the ceiling. Pull your hands to your lower back to support your weight and try and maintain the position.

Suffering from bloating can have a negative impact on a woman's self-confidence. Unfortunately, however, the condition is particularly common during times of hormonal imbalance, such as during menopause. But by following a healthy diet and increasing exercise levels, including these six exercises in particular, you can treat bloating.

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