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Black Cohosh and Soy Fail to Relieve Changes in Body Odor

Review on March 30, 2009

A study undertaken at the Brody School of Medicine (North Carolina) sought to prove if changes in body odor, brought about by vasomotor symptoms, could be relieved by herbal supplements. Black cohosh, soy and multi-botanicals were tested to see if they could alleviate changes in body odor in menopausal women. Changes in body odor in menopausal women are most often brought about by the onset of hot-flashes or night sweats.

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Three hundred and fifty-one menopausal women, 45-55 years of age, with two vasomotor symptoms per day were studied for two weeks. After 12 months of testing, the outcome for the herbal supplements did not differ from the placebo. The alternative treatments for changes in body odor were also compared with hormone therapy treatment, a common treatment for menopausal symptoms.

At the conclusion of this study, researchers failed to support the use of popular alternative treatments for changes in body odor and remained in support of that hormone therapy as the superior treatment for menopausal symptoms. They do however suggest patients take the lowest possible dose of treatment for the shortest possible time as risks include breast cancer and heart disease.

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