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Exercise Changes to Boost Estrogen Levels during Menopause

Women going through menopause often try a great number of remedies to alleviate their symptoms in order to find relief. Unfortunately however, too few women know that one of the most effective treatments for menopause is right under their noses. This treatment is as simple as regular exercise, and for most able-bodied adults, it's readily available. If you haven't exercised much in the past; however, you may wonder how to get started, or what the most appropriate methods are. Keep reading to learn about the most effective exercises for beating menopause symptoms.

Three Exercises to Boost Hormone Production and Fight Menopause

Exercise doesn't just make you healthier and more confident, it also boosts your hormonal production. During menopause, this is important, because imbalanced hormones are behind most of your symptoms. So what exercises work best? Keep reading to learn more about different exercises:


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This is one of the most common exercises for a reason: it's free, accessible and effective. Getting your heart pumping by jogging for just half an hour a day is a great way to balance hormonal production and ease symptoms during menopause.


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Swimming is the perfect low-impact exercise. It works your body in all the right places, without the joint pain and other ailments that can come with more land-based exercises. Swimming is especially effective for women with joint pain and osteoporosis, as it also provides a great way of boosting heart rate with as limited impact on joints as is possible. Head to your local pool or beach and try this exercise out. It won't be long before you see results.



Far from the domain of just the eminently flexible, yoga is a surprisingly accessible and effective way to relax, exercise, and reclaim hormonal balance. The exercise has become increasingly popular among menopausal women because of its effectiveness in treating their symptoms.

If exercise alone is not enough to combat your symptoms, consider alternative medicines. Estrogenic herbs for example can help balance your hormones, though these can come with potential side effects.Hormone-regulating supplements are considered to be a safer alternative, as they work naturally to increase your body's hormonal production. Talk to a doctor if your symptoms are severe or persist despite your best efforts to alleviate them naturally.

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