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Top 7 Remedies for Natural Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can be painful, there's no doubt about it. For many people, pharmaceuticals are a quick fix. However, with so many side effects, medicine can alter your state of being and leave you feeling like a different person altogether. Some herbal remedies have not only proven effective for relieving anxiety symptoms, but contain all-natural and non-addictive ingredients. The best course of action for treating anxiety is to visit your doctor first, to identify severity and possible causes. Once you are informed about your anxiety, move forward with a treatment plan.

Top 7 Remedies for Natural Anxiety Relief

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to natural herbal remedies, lifestyle changes can be helpful when dealing with anxiety.



Breathing exercises can calm the mind and the body, pushing the negative thoughts and energy out and away. Take time to yourself, every day, to disconnect from the world and focus on yourself.


Cut out the caffeine

Reducing ingestion of stimulants such as soda or coffee can also help keep anxiety levels at bay. Caffeine amps up the body and can push your system into overdrive. Opt for juice or water next time, as neither contain caffeine or stimulants.



Exercise can be a great de-stressing activity, as it creates endorphins and allows the body to exert bottled energy. Yoga or Pilates are great forms of exercise that challenge the body physically without over-stimulating the mind. Yoga is known as a peaceful practice as well, to calm the body and the brain.

Herbal Remedies



Part of the mint family, and commonly used to swoon felines, catnip is an herb that eases muscle tension and reduces stress levels in those who suffer from severe anxiety. Catnip can also reduce insomnia - a common side effect of anxiety. Ingest catnip by way of tea to reduce anxiety levels.



Chamomile is a very peaceful option for herbal anxiety relief. In tea form, chamomile can offer natural sedative properties that can sooth both the stomach and the mind. Because of its mild nature, chamomile is a popular treatment option for anxiety in children.


Kava Kava

Known as the most effective herbal supplement for moderate to severe anxiety, kava kava is an excellent herb to try at home. Kava is also useful for silencing the anxious thoughts in one's mind as well. It is important to note that it is necessary to consult a physician before adding kava kava into your diet.


Valerian root

Valerian root is an excellent natural and effective sedative that can sooth anxiety. The root also relaxes the muscles, reducing mental and physical tension. This allows the body to completely relax.

Stress and anxiety are inevitable for anyone in life. It is important to learn what is causing you anxiety, and then devise a plan to manage the symptoms. Consult your doctor, and then consider all-natural remedies such as herbal treatments for anxiety and simple lifestyle changes. Read complete information about the treatments for anxiety in the link below.

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