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About Us

Welcome to our 34-menopause-symptoms website. Consider it as your menopausal portal, a place where you can learn more about each menopausal symptom; so that, you can make informed decisions throughout the different health care options available.

Who We Are?

About Us

The copywriters of are devoted team passionate about women's health. After noticing that most websites about menopause used medical terminology too difficult for the average person to understand, we created; a comprehensible site filled with useful information about menopause. We are proud to offer practical and up-to-date information about woman's menopausal health to women all over the world on our easily navigable and user-friendly site.

Mission and Goals

About us mission

Founded in 2004, is an organization dedicated to women with complete and extensive information regarding all symptoms, articles, news, therapies (treatments), and current research on menopause. With this knowledge women can better make decisions regarding the different health options available today.

  • Provide reliable and up-to-date information on each possible symptom that may arise at any phase of menopause.
  • Encourage women to learn more about their bodies and help them to be aware of the many different health options available to manage menopausal symptoms.
  • Educate the general public that menopause is not a condition nor a disease but a natural phase, and therefore all symptoms associated with menopause are natural.
  • Encourage family members also to learn about menopause to understand the symptoms and their causes to better prepare them to patiently support their wives, mothers, and friends during this phase of her life.

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We are always glad to hear what you have to say. You can always use the following contact form to write to us with comments and any general questions or suggestions you might have.Remember that the information provided on is only designed to further our reader's understanding of menopause and should not take the place of a doctor or medical professional's opinion.