Weight Gain After Menopause

Weight gain after menopause can be managed through lifestyle changes.Weight gain after menopause is extremely common. Although doctors are divided as to whether it is due to changing hormone levels or a slowing metabolism, the fact remains that this symptom affects many menopausal women. However, weight gain after menopause can be managed. Although women should not expect to return to their us body shape if they have already experienced weight gain, it is possible for them to keep weight under control. Read below to discover more about weight gain after menopause.

What Causes Weight Gain After Menopause?

Firstly, it is a woman's metabolic system which controls the body's energy-burning rate. Consequently, even those who were thin as teenagers and were able to eat whatever they liked, will find this ability changes quite radically, and they will have to start watching what they eat. For many women, this means that once they reach their forties, they have already begun to control their diet.

Secondly, middle-aged women will find that their body shape changes. For those who are overweight, the extra weight will usually move to the abdomen. Additionally, they may begin to lose their muscle definition because it is being converted to fat, thanks to dwindling testosterone levels.

The extra weight will usually move to the abdomen.Also, weight gain after menopause occurs due to falling estrogen levels. According to these, because estrogen is stored inside fat deposits, falling estrogen levels will cause the body to hold onto its fat deposits. Thus, weight gain occurs because the body is attempting to balance its hormone levels.

What Can I Do?

Weight gain after menopause is inevitable for many women. However, there are different approaches that can be taken to help women manage and control it.

An exercise routine

Exercising regularly can help women to keep their weight gain under control. There are many different exercise routines for women who want to tackle their weight gain. Sports such as tennis, cycling, and running can be enjoyable ways to lose weight. However, for women who have no time, walking to errands is also a valid form of exercise.

A healthy diet

A healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables, fiber, protein, and low-fat dairy products is very important. Cooking with these can be fun, but for those who do not have the time, there are many healthy and quick-to-prepare food options available. Women may also find that a healthy diet gives them extra energy that they did not have before.

Although weight gain is extremely common, it can be controlled. There are many treatments available that can help. Menopausal women should not panic about weight gain after menopause and they should concentrate on staying healthy. Click here to read more about weight gain and the different weight gain treatments available.

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