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Weight Gain after Menopause

weight gain afterWeight gain after menopause is extremely common. Although doctors are divided as to whether it is due to changing hormone levels or a slowing metabolism the fact remains that it occurs. However weight gain after menopause can be managed. Although women should not expect to return to their previous body shape post weight gain after menopause they can keep it under control. Read below to discover more about weight gain after menopause.

What causes Weight Gain after Menopause?

As is said above there is a lot of discussion about the different causes of weight gain after menopause. Firstly for every decade that is lived the metabolism slows down by 5%. The metabolism is the body's rate that it burns energy (and thus fat). Consequently those who are thin as teenagers and are able to eat whatever they like will find that with age this changes quite radically and they have to start watching what they eat. For many this means that when they enter their thirties they have to begin eating a healthier diet than they may previously have followed.

Secondly with age women will find that their body shifts in shape. For many pear shaped women they will discover that with weight gain after menopause their fat redistributes itself. For those who have previously had an excess of weight on their bum and thighs the extra weight will usually move to the abdomen. Additionally they begin to loose their muscle definition because it changes to fat and weight gain after menopause occurs.

weight gain fruitsIt is also argued that weight gain after menopause occurs due to falling estrogen levels. According to these theorists because estrogen hormones are stored in fat, falling estrogen levels mean that the body attempts to hold onto its fat deposits. Thus weight gain after menopause occurs because the body is attempting to balance its hormone levels.

What can be done about weight gain after menopause?

Weight gain after menopause is inevitable for many women. With age menopausal women will have weight gain after menopause. However there are different exercises that can help women with their weight gain after menopause,

Regular exercise

Regular exercise can help women to keep their weight gain after menopause under control. There are many different exercise routines women can undertake with their weight gain after menopause. Sports such as tennis, cycling, running can be particularly enjoyable. However for women who do not have a great deal of time walking is also a valid form of exercise

A healthy diet

A healthy diet comprising of fruits and vegetables, fiber, protein and dairy products is very important. Cooking can be fun but for those that do not have the time there are many healthy and quick-to-cook food options available. Women may also find that a healthy diet gives them extra energy that they did not have before.

However although weight gain after menopause is extremely common it can be managed and there are treatments available that can help. Menopausal women should not panic about weight gain after menopause and should concentrate on staying healthy. Click here to read more about weight gain after menopause and the different weight gain treatments available.

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