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How to Stop Weight Gain in Postmenopause

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The hell of menopause is over, now you can go back to your normal life, or not, as the case may be. The transition is finished, but the symptoms may still be prominent. Women going through menopause are known to put on a few pounds, and often find that losing this weight continues to be a problem after menopause.

The thing to remember is that whilst a lot of blame gets pushed towards the hormonal imbalance, other factors also affect weight gain and as such there are things you can do to make sure your body doesn't adversely suffer. Women can gain as much as 15 pounds in menopause and the hormone fluctuations which occur during this period make the weight harder to lose. Find out more about how to stop weight gain during postmenopause by reading the following paragraphs.

5 Ways to Reduce Weight Gain in Postmenopause



Yoga helps menopausal women through relaxing your body and releasing tension

Great for reducing stress, whilst also increasing flexibility. Yoga is one exercise that targets many menopause symptoms. Toning your body in the process, it is a gentle exercise that benefits overall health in older women by relaxing body and mind, and releasing tension.


Reduce Calorie Intake

Cutting your calorie consumption by around 10% you will see a quick reduction in weight gain

Studies have shown that by cutting your calorie consumption by around 10% you will see a quick reduction in weight gain. By adding fruits, whole grains, dairy products and vegetables to your diet to replace processed and refined foods, you can be better equipped to stop weight gain in postmenopause.



Natural yoghurt can help to increase the process of losing weight

This may be a new one for many people, but the consumption of yoghurt is known to benefit the body. Studies show that natural yoghurt can help to increase the process of losing weight. A healthy snack, it is filled with calcium which helps strengthen bones.


Group Sport

Exercise with a friend can increase interaction whilst also combating weight gain

Some postmenopausal women can feel unsociable and consigned to the house. By being social and walking with a friend or joining a tennis class, you can increase interaction whilst also combating weight gain.



Water leads to a successful battle against weight gain

One of the most important things that the body consumes is water. It is vital that you have enough on a daily basis: six to eight glasses is usually recommended. Drinking water is a quick way to feel refreshed and replenished and can contribute to a successful battle with weight gain in postmenopause.

More about Weight Gain and Postmenopause

If the body increases in weight, it usually means that it is storing higher amounts of fat. This increase usually occurs around the abdomen and leaves you at higher risk of a number of health problems. Conditions as a result of excessive weight gain include: high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, and high blood pressure. These are all serious conditions, so it is important to keep a healthy routine. Click on the following link for more information about postmenopause treatments for weight gain.

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