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Lubricants for vaginal dryness

vaginal dryness lubricantMany menopausal women suffer from uncomfortable vaginal dryness that adversely affects their sex life. However women do not have to endure their vaginal dryness and let vaginal dryness affect their personal relationships. There are many products that exist to help women with their vaginal dryness, which is a common symptom of hormone imbalances. Lubricants for vaginal dryness are sold in many different readily available forms from all well stocked pharmacies.

Why do women need lubricants for vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness occurs when the vagina becomes less moist around the lining. Due to hormone imbalances that happen during menopause the mucus membranes in the vagina, which are controlled by estrogen hormones, do not produce the correct amount of moisture. The mucus membranes in the vagina not only prevent vaginal dryness but also help to keep the area strong and clean. When women are experiencing vaginal dryness they will then suffer from painful sex, which can cause them to bleed. Rather than allow vaginal dryness to have an adverse influence on their sex life there are many lubricants for vaginal dryness available to women.

What can be done about loss of lubricants for vaginal dryness?

Loss of lubricants for vaginal dryness is caused by hormone imbalances. Thus it is important that women care for their bodies the best that they can. A loss of lubricants for vaginal dryness is uncomfortable but there are ways to help.

Keep it simple:

- Eat a healthy diet filled with all the essential nutrients. It is especially important that women consume healthy fats that come from foods such as avocado and nuts.
- Take regular exercise. Keeping the body fit and healthy involves taking regular, moderate exercise.
- Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep the body hydrated.
- Use PH balanced soaps that do not dry out the skin.

vaginal dryness oilHowever these preventative measures are usually more effective when they are used alongside a lubricant for vaginal dryness. The famous lubricants for vaginal dryness that are available are KY-Jelly. However there are other natural products that can work as lubricants for vaginal dryness such as almond oil and grape seed oil. Women looking for lubricants for vaginal dryness look for.

However if lubricants for vaginal dryness are not working satisfactorily women should visit their doctor about other options. There are different prescribed medications that can assist if lubricants for vaginal dryness are not effective. Women do not have to suffer with vaginal dryness in silence. Click here for more information about lubricants for vaginal dryness and treating vaginal dryness.

Three approaches for treating Vaginal Dryness:
Three levels of approaches can be considered for treating Vaginal Dryness:
(1)lifestyle changes, (2)alternative approaches and (3)drugs and surgery. The safest way is to start with the least risky approach and go on to the next level only if it is necessary. Click on treatments for Vaginal Dryness to learn all about these three excellent approaches.

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